Spanish Court Ruling as Motivation for C. Ronaldo



As the world cup is going on with a lot of intrigues , the Spain Portugal match which ended in a draw ,showing a high level of sportsmanship especially by the side of Ronaldo . He was said to be a goal scoring machine ,netting hat trick but a lot of questions have been raised here.

Why did the Spanish court has to wait few hours to the game between Portugal and Spain to give their judgement against Ronaldo for Tax Evasion? Why was the judgement not given many days before the world cup or after the world cup?

It is all strategy. The Spanish community understand that the only threat to their team playing against Portugal is Christy. Ronaldo understands very clearly the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish team. No wonder Sergio Ramos stated in pre-match press conference that he prefers to play with Ronaldo as a team member than as an opponent. This statement is as sincere as sincerity.

Again, the judgement was delivered in order to demoralised Cristy. It was made to frustrate the World Best Footballer of all time. Conversely, the judgement served as a motivation for the great mind. He is psychologically upright. He understood the game plan. And he was not perturbed by their antics.

What we saw in the game was a clear evidence that Cristy is an enigma that the Spanish community could not unravelled.

One business lesson from Cristy’s attitude is that we should never allow people to demoralised us. Attitude determines our altitude. People will always try to bring us down, but we should never fall in to their antics. It should be used as a motivation to do greater things and achieve better results.

Emeka Ezechi and Anthony Nwosu

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