According to an online commentator known as Amarchi (Amarabae) she said that “If you go into the street of Nigeria and ask, who is a Niger Deltan? 95% of respondents will likely fail the question.The Reason for this write up is that some Peoples ignorantly love to use the phrase “IGBOS and NIGER DELTANS”.It’s wrong and an embarrassment to the intellectual mindset. In Nigeria, How Is A Niger Deltan identified, let’s examine it in three ways and then solve the Igbos and Niger Delta Question.-

1) Niger Delta as Oil Producing Areas?- If Niger Delta is classified by Oil Producing Areas, that mean Igbos, Yorubas, Ijaws, Urhobos etc. are part of it.

Yorubas produce Oil in Ondo state.

– Igbos have Oil producing areas in Ukwa areas of Abia, Egbema, Asa/Ndoki, Oguta, Ogbaru, Ndoni, Omuma, Etche etc.

So if it is classified by Oil producing areas, that means all ethnic groups in southern Nigeria are Niger Deltans.

2) Niger Deltans As South South States?- This is the classification many use to define Niger Deltan.

And they even Ignorantly think Igbos are not part of it.I am an Asa lady from Oyigbo LGA In Rivers state.I am proudly Igbo and Niger Deltan.Also the Ndokis, Ndoni, Etches, Egbemas etc are also Oil producing areas in South South and they are part of the Igbo Nation.Ikwerre, the Ogba and Ekpeye may be a battleground of identity issue but they are of Igboid stock.So you see if we use South South as classification of the Niger deltan, IGBOS are part and parcel of it.-

3) Niger Deltan By Virtue Of Geographical Location?

“If we go by, this classification, that means Edo and Cross River people are not Niger Deltans, because there is no delta of the River Niger in their location.If we go by this classification, that means IGBOS are fully part of the Niger Delta.”

“My Final submission is that trying to create Niger Delta without mentioning IGBOS is a big FRAUD.There are Igbos in the term “NIGER DELTA”.Even the River Niger is a demarcation between two Igbo Cities Onitsha and Asaba.The days of divide and conquer are fading away.I am an Asa/Ndoki person.Oyigbo is my LGA!Rivers is my state.IGBO is my ethnic nation.And Yes I am a Niger Deltan just like my fellow Igbos like Etches, Ndonis, Egbemas, Ogbarus, Ogutas, etc.Thank you all,” She concluded.

As we have  said before, a lot of Igbo indigenous to the region will want to claim that they are not Igbo, do everything o chastise and talk down on other Igbo in the South East, but within their mind,they know that they  are Igbo. In the words of Pazienza n online analyst, he said that

“Niger delta is Ijaw and Ijaw affiliated groups only, he made this clear when he campaigned against Odili ambition of being Yaradua VP in 2006/2007.

The Igboid and Igbos know that Niger delta had been twisted not to have any Igbo in it, so they try to be part of it by denying their Igbo identity, but as we saw with Odili who is Ndoni ethnic group, Ndoni being an Igbo speaking group, edging towards Igbo denial, Igbo denial cannot help Igbos in Niger delta, it would only leave them as pawns in Ijaw political class chess game.

Recently CRA called himself an Igbo and some non Igbo in the region got discomfortable with it, why do you think it’s so? An Igbo man proud of his Igbo identity give those people goose pimples, they ‘d rather have An Igbo man in identity crisis who is apologetic for having an Igbo dialect and names.

These people had given an Igbophobi flavour to the term Niger Delta, so much that the only way any Igbo speaking group in the SS can proudly answer that name is by denying their Igbo identity and becoming even more Igbophobic than the non Igbos there to prove their non alignment to Igbos to them , all in the  forlorn hope of being accepted as part and parcel of the Niger delta.

This to me is silly, coming from these Igbo speaking groups, considering the fact that if all Igboid groups in the Six South South  states unite as a single political entity under Igbo tag, they’d become the single largest entity in the SS, and would displace Ijaws ( who had managed to unite non Izon speaking groups to form an  Ijaw ethnic group) as the single largest group in the region and would be the one dictating for everyone else.

I belong to Rivers state forums and I see how they all tease and malign Obigbo.Ndoki and Asaba  for sticking to their Igbo identity, they constantly tell them that they are Aba people, in response to this some misguided Obigbo people had started toeing the path of Ogba, Ikwerre and Etche In Igbo denial, even though those from Obigbo with such plans are still. But insignificant minority, but the number would grow, if things don’t change fast and furious,” He concluded.

The case of non Igbo trying to define who is Igbo for Igbo ethnic group/nationality is tantamount to Déjà vu feeling, when some Igbo groups on  the fringes would be made to understand that you have to denounce to gain tolerability,just like the Nazi/Polish  Jews.

In the words of Stella Damascus, she said that her family name was changed from Ojukwu to Damasus during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war because they were being mistaken to be related to the late Biafran warlord,Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, thus jeopardizing their existence. They were burning a lot of houses in her village so her father and uncle decided to adopt her grandfather’s first name, Damasus. So she was born into Damasus and not Ojukwu. According to the actress Biography

But, due to the advent of information technology and awareness, a lot has changed and there is a paradigm shift to Igbo oneness, though



Anthony Emeka Nwosu

“If we go by, this classification, that means Edo and Cross River people are not Niger Deltans, because there is no delta of the River Niger in their location.If we go by this classification, that means IGBOS are fully part of the Niger Delta.”

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