South East Region,IPOB & Corruption Report by UNODC



The SE is the region with the lowest prevalence of bribery according to a study by the NBS and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released on Wednesday.

The rate of bribery occurrence in the region is even below national average.Did your eyes just pop out after reading this?

Many people like me knew this.The study only confirmed what we already know to be true.We have been using the federal government so-called war on corruption as a benchmark before now.Despite the overwhelming presence of people from this region in the last administration,the region still produced the least number of those accused of bribery and corruption.

I have tried very much in the past to explain to many Nigerians that groups like IPOB and other well organized pro-Biafra groups are self funded but many would rather believe a rich politician is sponsoring them.It corresponds with what is obtainable within their region.We prefer hanging on to stereotypes than getting to know the true nature of people from outside our own ethnic group.

It is the same ignorance of the nature of people outside our own region that made an author of a bestselling book wonder why Nnamdi Azikiwe would go from being the Zik of Africa to become the Owelle of Onitsha.Many of this authors are still unteachable.They are still writing rubbish and the rubbish is selling.Maybe they believe the motorcycle spare parts selling Mbe Nwaniga is no way in the mold of scholars they would listen to or they would rather just hang on to their stereotypes by all means.

It may take a Harvard professor to point out that the renowned Chinua Achebe had the accident that left him in a wheelchair till he died while returning from his town union meeting?He attended monthly meeting of the people of his village and was returning to Nsukka when he had the accident.The villages and town drunks,palm wine tappers,okada riders, shopkeepers, masquerade dancers,village elders,illustrious sons and daughters,etc,attends town union meetings.

Prof Osita Ogbu in his status constituted the Ovoko town union.His name is even in his town union constitution when he was president Obasanjo’s economic adviser and CEO of the National Planning Commission.He would still take time off his schedule to attend his village meetings like Achebe and Zik did.Like Mbe Nwaniga would do even when he becomes the president of Africa.

Quit your reliance on ethnic stereotypes and face the facts.We all need each other and we can start by knowing each other well.


Mbe Nwaniga



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