South East Governors and Their Path To Industrialization – Okere Chidiebere


When some people make reference to the properties owned by Igbo people outside Igboland, particularly in Lagos and Abuja, they make it look like Igbo people own all the properties there. A big lie.

Granted that the Igboman loves and build beautiful edifices, which most Nigerian acknowledges, it will be preposterous to think that Igbos own all property including the beautiful ones in Lagos and Abuja.

El-Rufai said that about 70% percent of the houses in Abuja are owned by Ndigbos. He may be right. But come to that of Lagos, Ndigbo will be utterly shocked that they don’t come close to the Yorubas in property ownership in Lagos should the Lagos State government come forth with stats. I am telling you.

Lagos is where virtually all Yorubas make their investments in and for the Hausa-Fulani, they have Kano and Kaduna aside from Abuja to investment in. This may give you a clue as to why Igbos may own more property in Abuja than those northerners.

On the home front, there has been a clarion call for Ndigbos to return home and invest, which is good. Aba which is an industrial city should have been a very big attraction to us for the population it has, it’s industrial nature, and for the fact that it is not more than 30 miles from Port Harcourt. Unfortunately, no governor in that state has deemed it fit to project Aba to be a magnet to Ndigbo. Not even the ‘mercurial’ Orji Uzor Kalu.

Come to Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has not even considered it necessary to put in place facilities at the hectares of land mapped out for industrialization close to Owerri by the late Sam Mbakwe. Fact remains that if you want to fast track your development, you should industrialize first. When you have the industries, the banks, insurances, hospitalities, and other sectors will come in. In the end, there will be massive job opportunities for our teeming youths.

The bottom line is this: the SE governors must speed up the industrialization of the south east with superb tax packages for investors that would beat any other package from any state. Even if it mean giving them a tax break for 5 – 10 years, they should do so, at least for a start.

PS: if you come here talking about how we don’t love ourselves and how we are the problems to ourselves, and why Biafra will not succeed


Okere Chidiebere

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