South Africa: Julius Malema Tagged Dangerous and Encouraging Farm Terrorism !



Now that South Africa has voted overwhelmingly to take over uncompensated lands from the Whites, expect to see international conspiracy in sanctions and what have you against the economy of South Africa as they did to Zimbabwe.

Julius Malema who was a hero to the West for ousting corrupt Jacob Zuma has now become a dangerous person to them for sponsoring the bill. Hear the words of an EU parliamentarian:

“Malema is a dangerous individual who encourages farm terror and murder‚”.

The narrative has changed: Malema now encourages terror, can you imagine that? They will soon brand him a terrorist. He will soon be blackmailed by the international media and a lot of gullible African will believe their lies against him.

They took the land without compensation. It is either they resolve to compensate for the land or forfeit them. This is my position.

For those who believe that South Africa will become another Zimbabwe, listen, the leadership in South Africa is different from what we had in Zimbabwe. Lets give them a chance. Hopefully they might have learnt from the mistakes of Zimbabwe.

Chidiebere Okere

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