The need to oversee what the young ones are doing online with various forms of technology has become imperative today. With tons of  information available today online, if the young and impressionable minds are not guarded, they might go astray.  Let us not get it twisted, technology has come to stay in Africa and Nigeria inclusive. Technology has found its way into the various aspects of the family lives from upbringing, entertainment, work and even education. Kids have exposed to various forms of technology with its associated benefits and hazards also.  On this note, Institute for Work & Family Integration held a conference SOCTECH 2017  to highlight the need for the family to use technology.

Hosted at the prestigious Oriental Hotel Lagos,  Stakeholders tried to use the event to find a balance between usage, access, and monitoring of technology usage by the young ones. This year’s event hinged on the best way they have used technology to better the society and also find a balance.

Multichoice, one of the foremost content providers in the country and the owner of DSTV opined that ” Parents should avail themselves the various technologies that DStv provides.

The DSTV also lamented on the issue of regulatory challenges. The organization lamented that when the Senate came into to wield the big stick on the broadcast of the Big Brother where moralistic tendencies were placed at the forefront. The pay-TV form said that there was an option for subscribers to stop the broadcast. ” It is important that we give you contents that you and your family is comfortable with it, especially when the minors are around, we try to listen to the public and we are responsive organisation ” , said John Ugbe, the Managing Director of Multichoice Nigeria, who was represented by Martin ,Sales and Marketing Director.

Technology does have advantages, but sometimes it is misused in Nigeria and the country and Africa, in general, don’t have boundaries. Unlike what is applicable in the developed world. Though the benefits of getting teens used to technology are many, but the downsides are enormous. According to Vanessa Ideh, the CEO of Mobile Parental Control Hub, said that ” 89 percent of the teens that engage in porn use internet “.

The need to have control over what the kids view online has been a source of concern for parents. Parents are made to involve with their wards tech lives, with the unveiling of  mind guards mobile app, the kids can be monitored. Mind Guard allows parents to know what their wards view, download and chat. This mobile app has made it possible to checkmate porn viewing and also the issue of online radicalization rampant today in the country.

The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is a Non-Governmental – not for profit Organization (NGO) registered as a company limited by guarantee with the aim of providing solutions through research and advocacy to work and family conflicts created by the socio-demographic shifts, with a view to creating a better Families, better Business, better Society.

Work and family integration as a concept is to enable the effective balance between Career and Family for a more fulfilling life, productive workforce, enhanced the profitability of corporate organizations, and better education and training for future leaders, thereby positioning our society to play more competitively in the global community.






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