Social Media As A Tool For Every Business In Reaching Out To Customers

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In a modern day, Social media platform play a vital role for connecting with people either for business or create new friendship for long period of time.Social media is an online means to promote your Business and to keep new and existing customers talking about your business.

Facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble Upon and linkedin is going to be around. If you want your Business to stick around as well, it’s far better to create a product people will want to purchase, then promote it in a compelling way but avoid the quick hits. This is called “branding” by the way. It’s a step-by-step process.

It’s better to have high-quality posts on social media for existing and potential customers to read and consume than to have one or two viral posts.

As social media consultant is better you hire a few people who can do social media “the right away” over the next couple of years to enable you get good awareness and promotion for your business.

With nearly 4 billion active users, social media is a potential goldmine of new customers and current patrons who could become repeat customers. Create a good social campaign, and you’ll be able to connect with some of those people and grow your customer base.

Social media marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes.


  1. attract new customers through social media:

Follow 80/20 rule, which means 80 percent of your content, should be very innovative such as creative article blogs, e-books, inspirational quotes etc. Then 20 percent can be used for offering some kind of sale or promotion.

Posts content that are highly attractive, informative might reflect on your brand and they fetch a higher probability of being shared on the social networks

Encourage satisfied customers to offer personal recommendations and referrals

Post good image because it help you to create interest among your audience. These images can also be shareable via social media platforms, which in turn maximize your brand presence online. Ensure content on the image bring more interest among people

2 Tell customers about your goods and services:

Determine which channels to use, you should consider your customers and your business. I normally advice you create many social media platform It’s important that you create accounts on the platforms your target audience uses, so they can easily connect with you. Conduct some research to determine what sites your audience probably uses, and then use them too.

Businesses need to be interactive, too. In order to take advantage of social media tools, you need to encourage interaction.

3 Find out what customers think of your business:

# Ask customers to share pictures on your Facebook page that show them using their favorite product that they bought from your website

# Follow customers and vendors as well as influential bloggers, journalists, industry analysts, and others with a large following and significant influence on your business or industry.

# Ask customers to submit video testimonials and post them on your YouTube channel.

# Join LinkedIn groups that may be popular with many of your customers, and frequently post questions or comments related to the products or services you offer.

Feedback or criticism is important. It is a gift. But its necessity is also common sense, because if your customers are happy, they come back and recommend your business, and your business makes more money as a result. Not being open to feedback means you are robbing your own purse.

It is quite awesome to ask customers for contribution which makes them feel important and increases their engagement with your business. An engaged customer could end up being your most enthusiastic ambassador. And every ambassador is word of mouth for your business.

You can also have an online poll on your website or Facebook page to know how to think about your Business.

4 build stronger relationships with existing customers:

Allow subscribers on your personal Social media page and website. Subscriptions allow you to send public updates that your subscribers can view. Subscribers can be customers, vendors, and anyone else who is interested in seeing your public posts and get to know more about your business.

Hold a pinning contest on your website by encouraging customers to pin an image of one of your products to their Pinterest boards. Offer a small prize to either a random pinner, or the pin that has the most re-pins

Focus on finding customers who are interested, loyal and engaged. These people are more likely to repost your content, like your posts and become customers.

Provide value to your followers. Create something that your audience will find useful. It could be something that tells them something they didn’t know before, makes them laugh, entertains them or anything else that’s beneficial in some way.

  1.  promote the name of your brand and business

# Set up a business page on Facebook and post special offers at least once a week to your fan page

# Use Twitter to tweet interesting or unusual facts about your business or products and provide a link to that product page on your site.

# Create a YouTube channel for your online business, and then encourage customers to view and share your videos with others

# Create a LinkedIn profile and add links to your website: Update your profile with new links, product reviews, books or articles that you are reading, or other information so that this information appears to all the people in your network.

# Set up a Pinterest profile for your business, creating one or more Pinterest boards with themes or product interests related to your business.



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