When asked about his stand in leadership in Nigeria, Obi said:
**The problem we have in Nigeria is not having a leader with Capacity to lead and not Rule.
Leadership is about having somebody who has capacity and not about Education or Financial wealth.

**The only way a system can change is bringing a system that will bring a great Innovation .
Especially now the world is moving from baggage economy .

When asked about Chibok Girls and DAPCHI girls, Obi answered:

**My heart goes to the parents of the girls ..I am looking at it from bigger picture ..How did we arrive here ?
It is accumulative effect from leadership failure over the years .
You can’t have 10 million kids out of school and you can’t have Book Haram and Militants
**Today we are more divided ,but what we must fight is to deal with economy of the Nation.
We have over 34 Million unemployed youths ..unemployment moved from 14.8% to 18.4% and when you have such youths unemployed ,that is big problem.

**Rwanda came out of very serious crisis ,go and see how they are improving .
I want to travel to Kenya and the Flight was very high, about 900,000 while Rwanda Air is about 450,000 and behold that Rwandan Air was a Brand New plane.
Just a nation that survived a carnage and they are very focused in running their shattered economy .

**We can’t even be compared with other NATIONS in MINT countries .MEXICO,Indonesia, NIGERIA, THAILAND ..we are the worse off.

**We must try to invest on Education and Youths ..Zuckerberg of Facebook is worth about 60 Billion Dollars which is more than our economy.

Sharon Oparaocha

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