Smiling and the story of the women that sell toast bread


There are tons of reasons to smile even in retail business apart from the health benefits; like the fact that it makes people wonder what you’re up to, for instance. But in all seriousness, something as simple as a smile can be the catalyst for a huge change within your business, and below is a story of two women that one had her business ruined and the other has her business prospered all because of smiles!

She sells toast bread by the road side. One cost N100 each. She sells at night only.

I have been editing a book since it was 8:00am. I stood up from my desk finally by 9pm. I became hungry.

I went to the kitchen and all I could see were foods that needs preparation before I could download – eat. I was too tired to prepare any food.

I went out in search of a fast food.

I took just N500 with me.

As I took several countable steps forward, I saw this woman who sells toast bread. I was glad.

Before I could get to her, I saw one mallam shop. I stopped by to get some ingredients for tea. I collected N250 change from the mallam.

I got to this toast bread seller. After the normal greetings, I asked, “how much do you sell one?”

“N100 each,” she replied me.

I told her to give me one. She asked me how much was with me, I showed her N200. She closed the cooler which inhabited the dozens of toast bread and said it to my face, “I don’t have N100 change. Buy two and if you are not buying, go elsewhere”.

I was shocked.

The words that got me were, “… Go elsewhere”.

I told her that I would come for the change tomorrow. She said she doesn’t like to owe.

Immediately, the hunger flew.

I left her stall. I got another sliced bread for N240 and left for home.

Two days after, I was talking with a friend of mine and something led to each other; we got talking about the woman who sells toast bread. I haven’t said much when he narrated his ordeal with her to me. I was surprised.

That same day, I was just passing by at night when I heard someone going to get toast bread from her and (maybe) her brother told her never to go there for she was rude.

“So, she is this popular?” I asked rhetorically.

After two weeks, she was no more!

She has packed up her wares. Why? No sales!

Just a stone throw from her shop; a well situated, highly hygienic and well-mannered young lady began selling the same thing. You still dey ask? she dey sell like water.

One of her secret is that, she smiles a lot.

What do you learn from this?

PS: Make it a date to be there. It is free but registration is compulsory. Check the flier below.

Lade Oluwatoba


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