Simple marketing and business lesson I learnt from my 9yr Old !

'customer feedback' is the buyers' reaction to a firm's products and policies, and 'operational feedback' is the internally generated information on a firm's performance.

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It is public holiday and I was at home lazing and it was time to bond with my little girl. She used to like this channel Nickelodeon, she is 9yrs. Now, I sat with her watching Bob the Builder and Sponge Box square pants…I noticed that it wasn’t her favourite channels Nickelodeon. I asked her, ” Babe, why are you not watching Nickelodeon” her response was surprising. She said that the station made her to be annoyed. In her innocence, she said that she wanted to watch her favourite cartoon, Penguins of Madagascar,but the station changed to some adult program. He decided to change her allegiance to JimJam and other kids station. It was an eye opener to me . She said, that JimJam will give a pre information of the type of cartoon. But, Nickelodeon would not give her that option. Well, I think ,I will observe but a lesson has been learnt here !

This boils down to consistency. One of the brand rules and marketing rules I have learnt is : Never allow your customer have a taste of competitors product. This means that as a firm, you must ensure customer loyalty. My 9 year daughter reaffirmed that. Now she is stuck with another station.

How I wish firms will be doing a feed back and getting a feedback from your clients and readers. If you run a media firm, try to engage your readers and know the type of news and information they want. If your website is receptive .

If you run a product ,maybe you have an eatery, try to know what your customers want. This feedback will help you improve. Always have feedback .

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I remember growing up, my mum will always use Maggi seasoning, the Maggi brand was strong then, but today my wife uses Knorr to cook. Maggi as a brand didn’t evolve, didn’t get feedback, while other firms like Knorr et al came, women switched. Some years ago, Omo and Elephant detergent were the kings of laundering market. The best detergent then where these two, but as consumers became sassy and anting more, these detergent didn’t understand the need to get feedback. Klin, Aeriel and others came in with sachets and good smelling . They came in white also,while the Omo and Elephant retained their conservative blue powder. Today, Elephant brand is extinct while the Omo brand is struggling for market share. It’s all about feedback and evolution of brands.

Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience. The following are the top six reasons why customer feedback is important to your business.Listening to your customers is the only way to guarantee you create a product or service that they actually want to buy. It’s a way of measuring satisfaction. The more reason why NTA isn’t watched while Channels TV is watched. NTA doesn’t care , it gets money from government while the other is private and it’s advertisers that find it. So content matters and content is determined by what viewers (customers) enjoy. At the end of the day….The customer is the king. We learn from kids everyday

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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