By Hassan Mohammed

I’ve never laughed, be sad and at the same time laughed at anyone holding the Qur’an as I’ve done this woman. And I can go out on a limb and swear that she does not read this book. If she does, she does not understand it, and if she does, then she does not believe it.

It is that same book that says the man she killed is not hers alone. He can and may marry 3 more. It is that book that says she can walk out of her marriage, demand that she is let go. All it takes is to walk into a court. It is that same book that says she must die for murdering her husband. That same book.

And then the exploitation of the 8 months old baby that she did not factor her into her decision of jealousy and rage-filled stabbing of her husband and father of her baby to death. Now she is trying to play to the emotions and sympathy of people. She is so merciless, yet systematically pleading for mercy using her baby. This innocent baby is likely going to lose two parents.

Crying may be a genuine way of showing regret even if not remorseful. But holding your baby and the holy Qur’an is extortion of sympathy. It is to deviously insult the collective intelligence of Nigerians. Are there no pocket-size Qur’ans?

And I heard some are saying the matter should be transfered to a shariah court. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Diyyah is now the equivalent of about N57million. And her family can pay if it is offered as option. No matter what Bilya’s family must reject it. It must be a lesson for both men and women.

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