As the year is coming to an end! A lot of people are taking stock of their lives , Christians inclusively! This is a period many Christians must take a look at their lives and do a self check and appraisal. How have you as a christian lived your life throughout this year? A lot of Christian would say that they haven’t been blessed or made the needed headway in life or even blame the pastors.

Let it be known that most Christians don’t get to their potentials not because God doesn’t want them to get to that level but it is due to lack of obedience to the word of God and counsel of their pastors. Have you checked your records. Have you tried to ascertain your relationship with God and humans?

We sometimes blame people especially the pastors for our challenges! Yes, they are visible to all but have we checked our heart. The need to keep our hearts pure to God or other people is important. Don’t divorce challenges in your lives…we must go through test and challenges . Just like the school of life , we must be tested before we move up.

Negative thoughts are also one of the things that hinder the progress of many Christians today. We have harbored so much negative thoughts that we have refused to look at the brighter side of life. As Christmas is coming , one must be very careful with the kind of association we have or keep.

How many of us Christians have the right spirit? This question is what we must ask ourselves. The need to be in tune constantly with God via bible is important. We Christian must read the Bible always. From Bible the things of life can be explained. Bible is an acronym meaning Basic, Instruction, Before , Leaving , Earth …so BIBLE can be called THE BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH !

Message from
Faith Cathedral International
Egbeda, Lagos

Bible reading and references
Psalm 19 vs 21 – 14
Psalm 51 vs 10
Revelation 2 vs 1


We have harbored so much negative thoughts that we have refused to look at the brighter side of life.




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