The need to always pray for the nation is so imperative! Christians have been advised to always be in the prayer mood for the nation. Christians must always pray for the nation and the leaders. Having this in mind, Sediq Moses is organising prayer retreat for Christians for the betterment of the nation. As Friday 19th April was billed for Good Friday as it is popularly known when some goes to catch fun but this is praying time for the Church.

Apostle Sediq X Moses, the Presiding Pastor Christ Holy Mountain International, House Of Prayer for all people, the arena of the blood of Jesus, choose to hold a National Prayer Summit (4th Edition) which was the best among its kind. Praying for the peace of the land

The cleric, Apostle Sediq started by stating reasons why The National Prayer Summit program is held, he said he has been praying for Nigeria and for the world since 12 months after he gave his lives to christ, he calls it his job, saying that the first set of people God sent him to is the Men of God, Members, and the Nations.

​ He however urged participate to stop putting blames or accusations with your lips or hand against Nigeria and the Nation. Prayer of peace and unity should be laid on the country, your business in your country should be blessed and should be a blessing to you, don’t use ur lips to cause the land you are, otherwise you will also be affected.

National Prayer Summit is for those who are ready to forgive, those who are ready to live many years. Some Men of God celebrates the misfortunes of their fellow ministers or mock the wounded ones instead of assisting them to get on their feet.

As he uses to advice that President Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria, change buhari more corrupt leader will emerge. We should stop using our month to curse this nation. Ability to bless our leader will make us a blessed country, it is God that placed him there as the president of this great country.

Still In the cause of ministering, reminding members of the prophecies God revealed to him prior to the 2019 general election on the state of the nation that Atiku has the winning Grace and Mercy but Buhari has the winning Grace, has the Mercy and the Flag.

Apostle Sediq speaks on the state of the nation, relating that some states in Nigeria will suffer hunger this year. Lagos, Imo, Anambra, Kastina are out of it, Kano wiil face it but not much, Ibadan will face it..

Pray for kogi state, there is going to be a political violence, a man from PDP is going to give u tough time. The man will strive and almost get his seat back. 60% of his people, kabba, igbira( Where he comes from) will rise against him. Yaya bello, if you want to succeed, what you promise your people before election, go and do it. The throne of Kogi state is meant for late Abubakar Audu who died because he disobeyed God by eating from the enemy’s table.

90% of the men of God in Nigeria did not support Buhari during the last general election 2019. No matter the prayers against him, he will still end up being the president of this country.

Concerning the election seat of America, Trump is doing a good thing, he wants to reshape the economy of America but has to tread with care so that it will not affect his next seat (second term).

​ Apostle Sediq called his bossom father in the Lord, Bishop Bayo Adejola, from Ilorin kwara state to give exhortation and to officially Review his book ‘ Satan must leave the earth’. Bishop Bayo administers and appreciates God for his lives and for the success of vision God has given to Apostle Sediq to come to pass. He read the book of Daniel 1:2,3) (2 Samuel 1:24) ministering to the viewers and members the topic on ‘How to break the power of Limitations’, as he made an emphasis that there are some people in the world that are meant to be flying eagles but they are limited: Some are meant to speak with golden voice but are limited: Some are beggars instead of being a giver. He continue saying that limitations is the reasons why things are happening negatively in the lives of people as he defines limitations as anything that brings insufficiency in people’s lives, What brings minus to people’s, lives, boundaries in between people’s lives, What causes difficulties.. The guest, bishop prayed and break the power of limitations among people present..

The book ‘Satan Must Leave The Earth’ was officially Unveiled, Reviewed and Launched. Which talked about the series of Revelation given to the Apostle about the secret of the coming of Jesus Christ, and the Power in the Blood of Jesus. The Revelation of the testimony of what took place in Heaven when Michael and his angels fought and casted the devil out of heaven as it is in Revelation 12:7-12). In his book he also talked about Men of God that the Ultimate mission of every Pastor, Priest, Prophet, all the clergymen on earth is to ” Chase away the dragon, that hold serpent, which is the devil, and satan, cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up ans set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more”.

​ Furthermore, for the monumental mission of chasing the dragon, old serpent, the devil and satan to leave the earth to be accomplished, all the clergymen and true servants of God must unite, come together in one accord, like God and all the angels and the twenty four elders did in heaven and achieved their common goals of casting Satan out of their midst.

The songs ministers play vita roles in the National Prayer Summit as they ministered a spirit felt songs which left everyone present electrified was the likes of Minister Emma Fabz, Music Prophet, Minister Kessy Praise, ​ etc.

​ Combined Prayers with Bishop Bayo was made for the nation. The host, Apostle Sediq prophecy and prayed for those with divers kinds of problems, long awaited sickness and diseases, healing and deliverance, etc, as their expectations were meant.

Emma Clems

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