A Must Read: 13 security tips for every Nigerian


Some security tips for travelers:

i. Raise security consciousness of your family members, before travelling.

ii. Check the worthiness of your vehicle before travelling.

iii. Never disclose time, destination or route to be followed to those that have no need to know. When on wheels, be conscious of any vehicle following you. A warning signal is when the same car is noticeable behind you through various traffic.

iv. Keep the doors of your vehicle locked when you are moving slowly in a crowded area. Do not wind down your car windows.

v. Leave ample maneuvering space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

vi. If you are being followed or harassed by another driver, never lead the person to your home. If you must stop, stop at police station, military check point or large market place where help could be easily mustered.

vii. Never pick strangers on the way or persons whose standpoint on the road appears suspicious.

viii. Avoid late night travelling or movement.

ix. When intercepted/stopped while on wheels, take permission from the robbers before removing your seat belt. Any attempt to the contrary might be mistaken for a “gun-pullout”.

x. If you are chauffer driven, sensitize your driver to be observant while on wheels.

xi. Always avoid lonely routes.

xii. Always destroy your loaded GSM cards (credit cards).

xiii. Never you travel with zero credit in your phone.

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