Section Of Bolaji Street, Palmgroove Lagos Gutted By Fire


Sections of Bolaji Street, Palmgroove area of Lagos burnt down! Two house Number 4 , 5 and 6 Bolaji Street razed down by an inferno. Allegedly started by the generator wire that touched otter wires this caused a total burning of the above mentioned building blocks from adjourning buildings.

The fire was started from a furniture company that wanted to put on generator to other building. Millions was lost in properties and over Eight Hundred Thousand Naira cash burnt in the inferno.

As the city of Lagos is witnessing dry season, the city can be said to be volatile with everything turning to be combustible. The fire department has warned the city resident to ensure that extra precaution is taken in the area of electricity, wiring and handling inflammable materials.

Though the city fire department arrived the scene after much damage has been done by the fire. The fire men were able to stop the fire from extending to the Filling Station that sells Premium motor spirit and cooking gas.

According to eye witness and resident of the area , Anthony Egebe said that ” We are grateful to God that the fire was arrested in time. If it had gotten to the Filling Station, it would have been a colossal damage to the city and billions would be lost and possibly lives would be lost also.”

He added ” though the fire department came a bit late, they were able to arrest the fire and stop it from extending to the Filling station. ”

As of the time of the report, the street is deserted , the furniture people are being blamed and majority of the houses don’t have insurance cover that would give the residents and landlords soft landing. The Shomolu unit of the fire department complained of lack of water and extinguisher to extinguish the fire intially until they called for a backup.

Anthony Nwosu


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