Why Burn Saw Dust, When We can Put It To Good Use!


Sawdust or wood dust is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, or otherwise pulverizing wood. There are immense economic uses a of this I by product of timber, but here in Nigeria , it is mostly wasted by burning as we see in most saw mill sites across the country. Apart from the lumbering of timber which the environmentalist are fighting, due to the effects of deforestation. They have opined that the national Forest are being depleted at an alarming rate due to incessant lumbering . This new narrative has raised concerns on how to ensure that timber and other woods are used judiciously. That isn’t the case as it pertains to Nigeria saw mills , but, they are yet to utilize the raw materials and saw dust being one of the raw materials are been burnt daily or wasted thereby impacting on the ecosystems.

Driving along the third mainland bridge in Lagos , Nigerians commercial capital, a look beside the bridge would show a very busy section of the city, overlooking the lagoon. This section of the city is a highly amphibious one and one of the preoccupation of this area of lagoon is there timber business. Logs of woods are found floating on the lagoon and the most alarming part is the burning of the saw dust. This burning of saw dust have been described as a “double jeopardy” by environmentalists.One intelligent solution to disposing of sawdust may be, believe it or not, to burn it. Now I know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t burning wood release CO2? 

Apart from the depleting the natural habitat and forest, these saw dust are continuously burn ,there by leaving a high carbon footprint in the environment. According to online sources , saw dust can be utilised and used for varying things and as we all know ,nature abhors waste and the earlier the t8nwbr understand that saw dust can bring extra income for them , the better for their economic well being.

A major use of sawdust is for particleboard; coarse sawdust may be used for wood pulp. Sawdust has a variety of other practical uses, including serving as a mulch, as an alternative to clay cat litter, or as a fuel. Saw Dust can be used for various thing ranging for industrial, construction, to agricultural.

In the area of horticulture,Sawdust mixed with manure or a nitrogen supplement keeps your plants healthy and moist, too. It serves as a good form of manure to plants. Saw dust can also be made into pellets for fuel. This would disuse the need for firewood. Apart from these various uses, saw dust can be made to be an added revenue earner, the potential are huge and must be harnessed in Nigeria instead of burning it.

Anthony Nwosu




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