Roles Parents Play In Distorting The Minds Of Their Wards – Nicholas Ohagi



As a school Teacher, I noticed that some secondary School students about to make choices of subjects do make wrong choices due to some misinformations coming from some Teachers. It’s obvious that some teachers in Nigeria are not meant to be teachers. They are just forced into the classroom due to the mal governance of Nigeria government both past and present. These teachers goes into the class to sell there own idiosyncrasies that is generally wrong.

There was a time a student chose science subjects and a Teacher just told the student in the face, that he is not intelligent and he is choosing science. I really don’t know where they all got this mindset from. That sciences is for intelligent ones, while Art is for unintelligent students. This is completely wrong and makes students to take wrong road in their journey of life. Some students are no more thinking about what they really want to do and be in life. Most of them dash into science classes because they were told it’s for intelligent bright students.

Personally I entered SS2 science classes during my days in my former school and saw students I know ought to have taken the path of Arts in science class. I pitied them. I know they are there to satisfy their ego. It didn’t take time before I started seeing some of them back to my Literature class. Something must have happened. They might have understood that it’s not about ego, but about the future. I always advice students to always go for something they will take as a hobby and not necessarily as a job. When your job is seen as hobby, you did wake up every morning wanting and loving to go to work.

That brings me to the part the parents play in distorting the minds of their children. ‘He will be a lawyer’, ‘she is our doctor’. That’s a new born baby who knows nothing other than sucking the mother’s breast, that they call their doctor. They practically don’t give the new born baby a chance. They give the baby what they want and never cared for what the baby would have wanted. Parents just decide what they children will become even before conception. With this they set the kids up to please them and not themselves. Parents should stop forcing their own lives on their kids. And students Must know that their lives belonged to them and they themselves ought to be at the driving seat in choosing what they want to become.

Finally, Teachers should know that it’s their work to guild and not to distort.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi is Philosopher, Teacher, Writer and Activist .

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