Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu speaks on The Role of Military In Nigeria


I am very grateful to the organisers of this great town hall meeting to discuss our great country Nigeria.

I will talk about the military and it’s role and proposal for a new Nigeria. I promise to make it short to be within time allocated.

The military has been so impressive abroad that in many ways, it’s not surprising that some people think it could be equally effective at fighting the war at home,” said Gene Healy, senior editor at the Cato Institute.


But another school of thought is of the view that this could sadly be mistaken.
“A free society is not a militarized society. It is a society where law enforcement is the duty of civilians (and police) and any effort to change that ought to meet a very heavy burden of proof”.

The military is trained mainly for the purposes of fighting and defending the country against foreign enemies.
There is a great danger in using the same organisation for national law enforcement because they are trained and used for fighting wars against foreign armies with brutal force.


When a body of men trained in the cavalry charge and the use of lethal force against foreign infantry, come face to face with the confusion, chaos and provocation of a domestic mob bent on venting anger, inevitable mistakes would be made,and those mistakes would likely be fatal.



The military having been trained in the use of lethal force, trained for battle, trained to impose their will by force on an enemy, trained for the express use of defending the territory and citizens of the country against external threats, they should not be regularly used as an instrument of force against the citizens of that same country.

This why there is call for our police in Nigeria to be reformed and reinforced to be able to discharge their constitutional duty of maintaining law and order domestically.


The very recent and on going incident in the Eastern part of Nigeria involving the military and civilians is shameful, unconstitutional and unacceptable.
I call on every Nigerian and the international community to persuade president Buhari to withdraw the military from the streets with immediate effect to avoid further fatalities.


The agitations in different parts of the country is a direct reaction from decades of bad governance and neglect in Nigeria by past and present government and cannot be swept under the carpet anymore. You cannot beat a child and still force the child not to cry.


It is indeed time for Nigerians to sit down on a table and have a sincere discussion about the future of our beloved nation.
I therefore propose for us to have a SOVEREIGN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY where delegates would be elected from their local inconsistencies (not appointed like previous assembly). This assembly must have SOVEREIGN POWERS to AMEND the constitution not just to write another report that would not be used. They would have powers to decide the structure of political and economic structure workable in Nigeria.


There is no doubt that the present structure we have has failed.
There is also need to inject new blood into the leadership of the country. The young generation Nigerians should stand up and come together and show leadership capability.

2019 election is fast approaching and would be a very good opportunity for rebuilding Nigeria with fresh ideas.
Therefore I call on every Nigerian, home and abroad to join hands together to elect a government that will guarantee an all inclusive government in Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria


A speech by:
Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu LLB BL LLM
(Presidential Aspirant in Nigerian).
At a town hall meeting of Nigerian community in North East of England
14th September 2017.

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