While technology is disrupting countless industries around the world, Financial Services Industry (FSI) has been at the epic center of this disruption – and portfolio management is no exception. The asset management landscape has evolved rapidly with technology in recent years and many traditional asset management tasks are becoming apparently obsolete.

In the past, asset management was a very challenging and time-consuming task, which involved researching equities, bonds, and other asset classes and building portfolios in spreadsheets and excel while maintaining and re-balancing portfolios by hand. Things have changed and are still changing with Technology.

The manual processing has reduced dramatically, thereby improving the operational efficiency of many financial advisors. Asset managers can now let their computer automatically make calculations or even place trades on clients’ behalf, which frees up their time to focus on other ways to help build value for their clients.

Simplex is at the fore front of simplifying asset management processes with leading technologies, hence, our real-time investment portfolio management software is a software of choice for wise investors, helping them to achieve goals, control risk and get return on investments.

Simplex iMoneytor+ can do it all, from tracking purchases, sales, gains and receivables through to processing dividends, bonuses, coupon repayments and much more. Investors using iMoneytor+ gain unprecedented insight into the performance of their portfolios using elaborate charts and different asset reports.

The future is volatile and uncertain, but with Simplex iMoneytor, you will not only win but also lead and thrive with Technology in uncertain times.

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