Restructure, The North and The Rest of Us


I don’t think the so-called North’s opposition to restructuring matters as much as we magnify it.What matters is the unity, agreement and strategy employed by the rest of Nigeria to achieve intelligent political restructuring.

The North is a conservative society.They will always be afraid of anything that may change their existing way of life.

They opposed independence more than they oppose restructuring now.We also read how they opposed the railway lines getting to Sokoto and how they opposed vaccinations.

We need to study the way the Eastern and Western regions achieved independence for Nigeria despite Northern opposition and adopt the same strategy.

The most important thing now is for the South East,South West,South South, major elements in the North Central and other two regions to agree on a template for restructuring then impose it on the majority in the North West and North East seemingly opposing restructuring.

Force restructuring on them just as independence was forced on them.They will adjust as the rest of country drag them along.

Pray that Nigeria get restructured for growth,progress and efficiency!

By Mbe Nwaniga

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