The fears that talked us to weep
The tears that lulled us to sleep
The Sun-wind
The pain-scorched face
Hidden deep in the castle of the heart

Death-that dark rebel
With sulphur-tinted countenance
Long-haired nights
In short-sleeved dresses

Thought-that taut tout of the mind
Which sports,sprouts,spouts and spurts out the unwholesome some of the whole!

We write the tale of life
Beginning from the tail,
Trifles become drunk rifles
Shooting down proud stars!

My pen writes to a kin of an alien ken;
Starve the soul till it’s full
Feed the body till it’s sick with health
Life’s only mean when it’s a means to death
But life’s never mean when it’s only the mean of deaths

As love fails not for want of heart
But for want of brains
Even so does life fail not for want of breath
But for want of breadth

Virgil keeps vigil on the laps of a mother-virgin
For so life has become-an antithesis of theses!

But who can maim the arms of dark aims?
Who can melt this frozen pain
With heat from an alien flame?
Who can boldly say
“Though I sink,I dare not stink!”

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