Politics and us is funny , the line between States and religion keeps blurring as the day goes by and this keep demonstrating and manifesting itself on daily basis. We just saw how this line has been blurred when the “Men of God ” went visiting in Akwa Ibom State.

Yesterday while I was jejely cooking my ‘atama’ soup with ‘abak’ aka banga soup, I took the opportunity to listen to a program on (Passion FM? AKBC?) radio.

It was a broadcast of the meeting between heads of churches in Akwa Ibom with the incumbent governor Deacon Udom. In other words, pulpit owners met with the state governor where they ASSURED him of the vote of ALL Christians in the state.

If I was not so sad at this development, I would have actually laughed. These religious leaders admitted that some of them had decided to distance themselves from the meeting, calling those ones ‘Thomas’ and ‘Judas’. They proceeded to rubbish the immediate past administration (though I suspect they may have paid a similar visit to that one too).

So, it therefore implies that these leaders are duty bound to ensure that every member of their church votes for Udom in a election which we have been promised will be ‘free and fair’. Udom was at his Bible quoting best. Telling them how ‘only God can elect a man’. And how Akwa Ibomites deserve ‘a God fearing man’. He reeled off several verses of the Bible to support his re-election bid. Hmmmmm….

This scenario is being repeated across Nigeria. Imams and shiehks are also most likely, mobilising their followers to vote for certain politicians who have ‘prepared a table for them in the presence of their enemies’.

It is going to be a religious, rigged and maybe bloody election time if care is not taken. Anyone who has ever listened to Udom knows that the man understands the power of religious stupidity and has tapped into it.

Akpabio understood the power of stomach infrastructure and he rode on it to get to where he is today. What money can not solve, he is quoted as having said, more money can solve.

Welcome to Nigeria where you never know if you are listening to your elected officials or religious ‘leader’.

Annie Udoh


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