We have Registered About 18.5 Million Nigerians


Engr. Aliyu Aziz Abubakar, the Director General of National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) engaged journalists and other media houses on the recent strides the commission has made. In his keynote address, the DG said that NIMC has registered about 10 percent of the country’s population and with the help of their partners. The issue of identity management will be a thing of past.

The DG of NIMC reiterated the need for National Identity Number and why it is imperative to have it .


The new national identity is embedded with so many features from electronic payment to others. With the new ID card , it captures the social benefits unlike others. But, this benefit has been eroded due to the lack of cohesive national identity, this has impacted on the society.

The new identity card is embedded with Manny features and coming in an 80kb chip. These features have made the card difficult to clone or adulterate. Presently, the DG stated that the number of those registered in Nigeria is about 18.5 million . This is about 10% and with the foresight of covering the whole population in few years time. The new identity card will serve the foundational identity unlike other firms of the identity that looks at the functional identity . The foundational ecosystem will be looking at registration of birthrate and death rates .

NIMC is capturing in all the states capitals and 55 other local government. The enrollment of children has commenced also. The children enrollment will be tied to the data of the parents . The parents must be enrolled first before bringing their wards. In NIMC identity, the children will be given NIM until the reach the age of 18.

About 1.2 million cards have been issues, with the collaboration with vendors, the DG promised that everybody will get their cards .


In the area of acceptability of NIM by the bank and other financial institutions, NIMC in collaboration with CBN has worked out modality to ensure that the banks accept the numbers by issuing circular to this effect the.


On the harmonizations, the NIMC has collaborated with CBN , NCC, FIRS ,INEC and other MDAs to ensure that identities are harmonised. The DG stated that they are having challenges with the printing of the identity cards, presently they are printing April 2013 cards presently, the DG stated

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