Nigerian Recession:Me,My Kid & ThisChristmas 



It’s about 4am and the digital channels has started wishing us happy Christmas in advance and a couple of shows slated around the period of Christmas. Well, what hot me wondering isn’t that I don’t know that its few weeks to Christmas, I do know bit what I don’t know is what gift Santa Claus will be giving to kids this Christmas. The economy is on the negative side and will this affect t the benevolence of Mr. Claus ?

We cannot postpone it , must Christmas will come, how it will be celebrated , we don’t know yet! I just sat up to ponder the way out if this economic quagmire Nigeria as found herself in. Staying on Abuja foe now , I couldn’t understand how things have gone up.


Decent meal is cray, went to have a breakfast with some colleagues at an watery around Port Harcourt crescent in Abuja, just about 5 of is, had the normal breakfast, mind you no extras,who eats extras during the breakfast ….the bill was 7, 250 Naira. That’s crazy and that’s the situation of Nigerian economy . Thinking I was dreaming…okay , as the Lagos man I am, I did the buka thing and still couldn’t eat a decent meal maybe I have to cough out around 1,200 Naira for a decent Oha soup.Then I realised that we are in it. We have landed in it, here is the grandmaster of them all…recession that leads to depression. This is absolute madness and unacceptable. So I thought…but that’s just a thought.
Christmas around the corner…called my family ,heard Pearl my girl doing her Christmas carols at the background, a rehearsal though for her school. I got a few seconds heart attack. School levies there ,party levies there, Christmas wears there thank God no Halloween wears it Christmas and new year wears a must and the Turkey…that must come .


Funny enough, she doesn’t give a damn about recession, she just 8yrs and  doesn’t understand recession and Christmas must be celebrated. So, I must do the needful…that’s the life of a kid… innocent and oblivious and above that her nickelodeon  channel must be there and God have mercy on you…these IKEDC a renamed NEPA strikes…the gen must be on and the car stand by for Mr.Biggs outting, that’s if they don’t force you to go to village to see her cousins and family reunion.

Thats the concept of Christmas for my girl and that is the concept of harsh economic realities for me as a father. Can I meet up as I have been doing…oh yes, I would love to meet up and do the needful …oh I forgot the rice and the salad…who knows if dollar will smile this time. Will she have this Christmas as the ones she had over the year? Left for me, I would want her to have a better Christmas…maybe take her to some exotic location with mum, maybe have a good bottle of wine with her mum how she plays with her type , maybe as an Igbo man travel to the country side to have a reunion and strengthen business interests as it has been the tradition , maybe have we to her favourite Aunts place in Ogba Ikeja. A whole lot of maybes but what is the will be?
As the economy is having a downward trend and the handlers  of the economy are busy for  now impressing us with their accents and while doing this ,some business closing,while the workers are being owed months of salary even the ex presidents . The question s is will it be Christmas as usual. That I don’t know .


Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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