Rains: GOWON Estate Residents Lagos, Can’t Go On Again




As it rained dogs and dogs  in Lagos this Tuesday ad  it looks as if Poseidon, the god of the sea and water was on a vengeance mission to show the underbelly of places in Lagos. As it was seen, it seems that he succeeded in this quest. One of  the unfortunate areas that witnessed this incidence  is Gowon Estate, Located at Egbeda – Ipaja Axis.  The rain demonstrated that the Local Council and those that were handling that densely populated area where either sleeping or decided to play Ostrich.  As it rained today, it brought  floods of tears and the resident of Gowon Estate couldn’t go on with their lives.

Lagos, said to be in the race to become one of the smartest city, putting finishing touches to celebrate their 50th anniversary ha witnessed decay and rot which the state governor Akinwunmi Ambode is trying to correct. Though, according to Nigerian standards Ambode has demonstrated sufficiently a purposeful leadership and a thorough grasp of the business of governance. The snag is that like other mortals, Ambode isn’t omnipotent and in democracy which is a participatory governance, Local Council Heads have been made to many, many of these places and Egbeda environs is under Alimosho is a Local Government Area in the Ikeja Division, Lagos State, Nigeria It is the largest local government in Lagos. The question is; where they asleep all these years?

The rains have put a dent on the image of Lagos. Lagos is a state that her Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is higher than most African countries like Too, Benin and others. Yet in terms of infrastructure  Lagos is found wanting.  As the state is being  gradually turned into a museum by putting effigies, ornaments, sculpture and painting in a bid to celebrate the state at 50. The best decoration isn’t an open museum, which the state is turning into but, good drainage system, road network and infrastructural development. If all these things are in place, Lagosians can confidently say that their city has come of age. As it stands now, it is not yet Uhuru and the city is far from anything modern, though cosmopolitan. Next time you visit Egbeda when it rains, get a canoe or kayak.



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