Prosecution and hunting of Right Activist Cultural Values /Religion/Human Rights And Freedom of Prostitution and LGBTQ in Nigeria

While prostitution is not officially endorsed by the Nigerian Government, open practice of prostitution by the females in brothels, higher institutions and clubs is in common place in the country, especially in the more liberal southern region, while in the more conservative north the situation permits a more discreet approach. The society’s silent acceptance of prostitution show there is more to sex market in the most populous black nation in the world.
Government and officials have turned a closed eye on practitioners, as they are equally patronized by some high placed officials and personnel in the society.
Prostitution is the oldest job known to mankind. It is common knowledge that Nigeria is a leading export of female prostitutes across the world, which has led to trafficking of young girls to Europe and other parts of world. This amount to modern slavery, as the victims are subjected to dehumanizing and degrading treatment in spain, Italy, germany and other countries. Many young, beautiful ,talented , and potentially great damsels unfortunately got perished either in the deserts or oceans through which they were ferried to Europe by their traffickers.
While the Nigerian Society might be averse to gay and lesbian practices or relationship due to largely religious and cultural sentiments, this has not attracted official debasement, until the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan assented to a bill by the National Assembly in 2014 making it illegal for any one to practice gay or lesbianism in Nigeria. To do otherwise attracted very stiff penalty. This draconian law prohibiting lesbianism, gay, bisexual and transgender relationship in Nigeria, gave the public an enabling environment not only to prosecute but equally ostracize LGBTQ, at a time that the practice acceptance was slowly growing in the country.
An advocate of LGBTQ Mr Adedeji Akintayo, who discredit the anti gay law and criticized the legislative and presidential assent to law prohibiting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationship in Nigeria became a sort pariah citizen.
It is noteworthy to note a christain leader and Pentecostal pastor, Tunde Adeyemi also Submitted the Holy Bible and church vehemently disapproval and totally against gay, lesbian and trangender relationship, observing that the destruction of soddom and gomorah is enough lesson for humanity.
In the same vein , an Islamic cleric, Iman Tajudeen Olatunji, say the practice is prohibited in Islam ,as is an abomination.
Mr Akintayo, who worked as the African Manager of Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, a leading Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Poland, remain committed to this fight, which has made his visit to Nigeria, particularly unsafe. An advocate of freedom of choice, urging the Nigeria and indeed African governments to respect the right and choice of individuals on how they desire to live rather than discriminating against sexual orientation of the same sex people.
It is important we draw the lines when we try to debate the aforementioned topics as they are always intertwined whether we acknowledge and accept it or not.
Prostitution is nothing like LGBTQ in-fact justapoxing both is ludicrous.
Prostitution has been commercialized in most countries and revenues are generated whilst services rendered.
Prostitutes in most societies are managed,controlled and thus pose no threat to themselves and the general community.
It’s also important to note that most countries where their institutions appended their signatures to legalize the profession are very religious countries.
We can’t say we accept prostitution with all sense of responsibilities but we must understand that prostitution posses not enough Religious,cultural and ethnic friction as the LGBTQ rights.
LGBTQ on the other hand with all due respect to human rights and rights to association.,but we must always remember that hence you are privileged to exercise your fundamental human rights it shouldn’t infringe,encroach,disturb or stir up confusion around you.
Over the years gays/lesbians have been banished,killed,exiled and persecuted.
Now countries advocating for it’s legislation are belittling themselves using it as a condition for bilateral trades and AIDs.
The salient point here is what is good for Joshua can be poisonous to Josephine, in Nigeria 25% will annihilate about 75% of our population if it occurs and vice versa if the west or imposers were to be visited with our extreme weather conditions they will all die of suffocation,sun burns and even severe skin cancers.
Above all,Africans already have enough endemic problems we can’t entertain more, reason why most people say LGBTQ shouldn’t not be allow in our society
Written By Edwin
(Daily Independent Newspapers)
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