Promoting Enterprise: GT Banks Supports Food Vendors In Food Fair Event


Enterprise support program is what banks should be doing. In this vain, one of the most robust financial institution in the country known as Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank) has been supporting various enterprise and startup in the country. The GT Bank food fair and avenue where caterers and food vendors exhibit their products and services to urban customers.

The  Food & Drink Fair is an annual food exhibition and sales event that aims to project the diverse angles of the food industry by connecting various businesses involved in the production and sale of food related items to a cosmopolitan audience of food enthusiasts.

Promising to make it an all encompassing affair, the bank promised to make the event a family affair. Having the kids in mind , there is a  family friendly event for the kids. Children will have the opportunity to engage in fun and educational activities. This  exposed the kids to other children of their age rate and by so doing fine tuning their social skills required to survive in an ever changing society.

The bank having ensure that all the Ts are crossed and I dotted. The event has the trappings of world class good fair with top notch security in place. GTBank Food & Drink Fair is a an annual food exhibition and sales event aimed at projecting the diverse angles of the food industry. The food fair was held at Plot 1B, Water Corporation Drive Oniru, Victoria Island Lagos.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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