The Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo has been having  chat chat and deepening the conversation on the housing deficit in the country. Lately, the Vice President met with the stakeholders of the sector to look at ways on providing affordable and quality housing schemes across the country. With over 22 million housing challenge in the country, Nigeria faces a gross shortage of housing needs for the population of over 180 million individuals.

The issue of housing deficit has been growing from bad to worse and successive governments. The administration of  BUhari has promised to ensure that this is bridged through a harmonious agreement with stakeholders. Speaking about his engagement with the realtors , Pro. Yemi Osibanjo said, I met with key players in the housing sector this evening to discuss improved housing opportunities for the majority of Nigerians and home ownership in the informal sector.”

“President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration will continue to work hard to improve the lot of Nigerians”, he added.

Though not a problem peculiar to Nigeria alone,the  housing problem is a global challenge with the UN Habitat stating that over 30 percent of world population live in slums.  Nigeria as the giant of Africa is expected to take the lead in the  provision of decent accommodation and robust mortgage system which is not existing as of today.

Though with several barriers that hamper a quick takeoff  of a robust housing system in  the country, with barriers such as  the Land Use Act of 197 , the cumbersome property registration process, the high cost of building materials, the unabated rural-urban migration and above all policies that various levels of governments have put in place that made land acquisation and development a big task.




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