Preventable Death of Senator Adeleke


“On Senator Adeleke’s alleged poison/murder saga, a medical doctor has these to say…

“I don’t agree with all the nonsense conspiracy theories of someone killing the senator.
But I guess it adds up and makes sense to those with no medical knowledge.
The man had calf pain. Got rushed to the hospital, was given painkillers, had a good sleep…

Woke up later to complain of chest pains.
And died later!

This is classic story of DVT. *Deep Vein Thrombosis* is the medical term for a blood clot in the deep veins usually in the legs (the calf area) referred to as calf pain, left untreated, that got dislodged and caused a pulmonary embolism (chest pains later on) that killed the patient.

Exactly the same way Stephen Keshi Died.
But we are in Nigeria, let’s leave facts and chase shadows blindly.

One day these rich people will realise that there are certain conditions you develop and you won’t survive six hours.

Lagos to London is six hours by the fastest available flight.

Not everytime would that opportunity be available based on the dire emergency that certain medical conditions present with.

If senator Adeleke had a simple heparin injection that day he had the calf pain (and not some useless painkillers) he would be alive today.

But is heparin that readily available in our hospitals?
Do Nigerian politicians focus on developing our health system?

~ Dr. Funmilayo @theonlinedoctor

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