President Buhari Must Flush Out The Bad Eggs & Give Youths A Chance – Pastor Patrick Chima




In this interview, Pastor Patrick Chima the Senior Pastor of Fountain of Life Int’l Gospel Ministry located in Suleja, Niger State, speaks on the challenges of being a pastor in a country that is high money conscious. He also speaks about the recession and how the government made it look as if the country is in recession.  The Imo State born Pastor Patrick, who tagged this year as their year of GRACE FOR OWNERSHIP talks about his ministry and other issues.  Emmanuel Clement captured all these in an exclusive interview.



How long has your ministry been in existence?

Fountain of Life Int’l Gospel Ministry has been existing for 5years though we have been into ministerial, outreach and itinerary work before then, working under a ministry but the church itself is 5years now. We are grateful to God that he has seen us to this level.  We are  totally humbled by  the amazing Grace of God and the blessings that he has bestowed upon us.


How long have you been working for God?

All my life, it’s what I have been doing, I was born as a young man into a Christian home, I grew up in the house of a Pastor, I lived with him for 19years working and serving God doggedly in his ministry. I was ordained as a Pastor, in fact, I started my ministry in his church. A friend of mine once told me that it was from me that he knows that a church can squat under a church, I started my ministry in the church I was attending, the church gave me their church hall to be attaching, I do my own church service on different days, the church do their on different days. All this happened for two years till I started running Sunday service, that was when my Pastor called me and said that I need to get my own place so that I can expound.


How did you receive the call of God into the ministry?

I didn’t know God was calling me, the God I know His voice then was my Pastor, he keeps telling me my son the Lord wants to use you greatly, the Lord wants to use you mightily. Though I wasn’t comfortable with what he was saying, I love working in the house of God, but I was not interested in being a Pastor. As I keep growing I found myself that everything he said keep falling back at what he said until I begin to have the understanding and having an encounter with God in a vision. Then the Lord said he is going to give me a word to my generation. I keep doing what I was doing, it was getting clearer every day that this is my destiny until I found myself in it.

How did you come about the name of your ministry?

The name of my Ministry came by Revelation and as a message. I was studying the word of God and it dropped in my spirit. I was studying at the early hours of the morning, while I was studying, the word “Fountain of Life drop in as a message. HERE THIS MY SON, FOUNTAIN OF LIFE SHALL BE THE NAME, and I picked it up from there.


Have you ever thought of backsliding from the faith since you met Christ?

Yes, we do not arrive here by mistake, we had a lot of challenges in the phase of our success, but we keep our focus on the promises of God.  I left the work, I started going for evangelism because it was as if it was not working,  it was so difficult, then I was still a young man in the ministry not with much experience, the trouble in ministry was coming, I was seeing them as an obstacles not knowing it was part of the ministry, so when I couldn’t make it, I left, going from one place to the other, people who saw me talked to me, I summoned courage, listening to inspirational spirit filled messages. It was not easy, but it later became easy. Some of those things I called mistakes, as I grow up now I called them experience.


What is the mandate or the vision of the ministry?

The mandate of the ministry is Restoring Men back to God, to its original purpose through the preaching of the word of God, while the vision of the ministry is making disciples of all Nations of the Earth.


Who is your source of inspiration?

Nothing inspires me, my joy is not seasonal, my joy is Jesus. He is my only source of inspiration when I have nothing to say, He is my witness.

What is your area of calling?

Am a teacher of the word, but God has blessed us with a prophetic gift, so we are working with it to his glory. We are the word base church. The prophetic grace came as a gift upon our life and all over the world, I have been using it to glorify Jesus Christ , Our Lord and Saviour.

Apart from the work of God,  what else do you do?

The work of God is a big work to be done. For now, we are still building the work, time will come that we will launch out into other things. Like building industries, own our oil companies, hospitals, institutions. For now, this is our Jerusalem, we are just starting.

What has life taught you over the years?

I have learned a lot from life experience, I have contributed in making it better and better, life has taught me to depend absolutely on God and not immortal. Life has taught me that the only person to rely on is God.

Where do you see your ministry in the next five years?

I see the ministry in the next five years where God is taking us to. I can see the end from here, it is so big that my natural eye cannot behold it.

 The Federal Govt said Nigeria is out of Recession, is it true sir?

We have never been in a recession. Nigeria was in a  recession is a political statement. There is nothing like a recession. What is recession/ It is the movement of money from some peoples hand to other peoples hand, so the money is still within, it’s just moving from peoples hand, in fact, I  enjoyed my life during the period of recession, it was my best time, I wish it should continue, I did the most tedious project of my time. It is the confession of a politician, it is not a confession of the child of God. When men say there is a casting down, we say there is a lifting up. If they say they are out of recession for those who were in it, glory be to God, thank God we are out of it but I have never been there.
How would you access the performance of Mr. President, will you say he is doing well?

I am not a politician but am a prophet to my generation. I will say that the government is doing their best, but their best is not still enough. They are putting new wine into an old bottle and it will not give us what we want. Jesus says you cannot put a new wine in an old bottle. They are trying to change the system of the government with the same people that spoil the system which is quite difficult to do. The government is talking about restructuring, putting things in place, fighting corruption, but they are still doing it with the same people who created the problem, it is going to be a difficult task. They need to go back to the drawing board and do the needful. 

What is the way forward to the forward to the nation?

The way forward for the nation is to elect leaders who have the interest of the nation at heart, not selfish men and women. Sorry to say, most of our leaders are selfish, you don’t need a Christian to better the country, neither do you need a Muslim to better the country and for all the Christian brothers out there God is not a politician, stop praying to God to change the nation, it is not the work of God, the power has been given to you, vote whoever you want, choose the leaders you want. God cannot come down from heaven to change the government because the government run with the constitution and God does not interfere with the constitution. This is not the government of God this is the government of man. The country moves forward when a man has the interest of the nation at heart, it could be from anywhere.

Nigeria was in a  recession is a political statement. There is nothing like a recession. What is recession/ It is the movement of money from some peoples hand to other peoples hand, so the money is still within, it’s just moving from peoples hand, in fact, I  enjoyed my life during the period of recession, it was my best time, I wish it should continue, I did the most tedious project of my time.

What is the advice to Mr. President?

My advice to Mr. President is to flush the bad egg and give the youth a  chance. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow yet they are getting old, the old ones are blocking the youths. My advice to Mr. President is to do away with the same old people and give the fresh ones opportunity to serve.

What message do you have for Nigerians in 2018
If you walk in the counsel of God in 2018, you will be evergreen, you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters, your leafs shall not be withered, it shall not experience a recession, it will have a continuous supply, nothing will die around you. If you walk in the counsel of God, you will enjoy supernatural health and whatever you do shall prosper. And if you must know 2018 is the year of GRACE FOR OWNERSHIP.



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