Be careful on what you think – Fred Obetoh




“You will have to live with the consequences of everything you say”, Proverbs 18 vs 20.

This verse captures the power of thought.It has been established that what we become is directly Co related to our thought process . It is said that we are not far from what we say, we can’t change from it. It is important that we have this notion of life in mind. No man is bigger than what he is seeking after. Most times we are as good as what we say. This chapter of the Bible demonstrates this concept.

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Bible made a clearer picture of this notion, in the New Testament, Bible said Ask and you shall receive, Seek, and you shall find and Knock, the door shall be opened. What we think and talk about is mostly what we turn out to be. As a man thinketh in his heart, so it is. That is a popular cliche in the Bible . The ability to project out thought towards anything has the capacity of manifesting physically. A positive thinker doesn’t have time for evil, though is powerful. Another pointer of the issue of thought is the Tower of Babel, when people came together and thought about building some gigantic house. This action was recorded in the Bible .

Matthew 12 vs 23 buttressed this notion. Most times , it is our utterances and language that delay our blessings from God. The ability to reassure one is imperative and every individual must understand that God has deposited uniqueness in them, this uniqueness makes it imperative to know that one mustn’t talk down or think down of him or herself.


“You become better by thinking and acting on God’s world. A man that acts on God’s world will get to where he is destined to” Fred Obetoh


People have said over time and blame their misfortunes on their folks, some people would say that their brothers or relatives refused to connect them or help them. But, they forget the biblical injunction that said ” Woe betide you who trust in the arms of fresh “. The ability for Christians to believe in themselves band God is one key factor for self fulfilment and accomplishment.

As a pastor, I have come to understand that people want progress but forgetting that progress starts from mindset. This is where the law of attraction comes to play. If one has a negative thinking mindset, no amount of deliverance will set the person free. As it is in spiritual realm, so it is in physical , the ability to have a strong positive thinking is one stepping stone .

Christians must make positive pronouncements like
” I am exactly what God says I am” I am healed by his stripes “. I am the head not the tail ” . These things matters a lot , and with good work, the manifestations would come to pass. The word of God doesn’t come back empty.

To be financially free, one mustn’t think of failure. Failure is basically life experiences. People should stop thinking failure but must see failure as an experience process. The ability to look towards the brighter side of life and above all God is the key to every success any Christian will encounter.


Fred Obetoh ( Pastor)
Faith Cathedral Egbeda , Lagos
29th October 2017



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