Pornography: Nigerians Are Going Local With King T Blak

Pornography: Nigerians Are Going Local With King T Blak


When you think about the budding (underground) sex industry and porn space in Nigeria ,think about king T Blak. Hate him, love him, be a Puritan or moralist. He is an enigma…he has come to change the way we view sex and our women…he and other people like him are trying so hard to put Nigeria in the map . Sex tourism is the map and it is in high demand in an amoral world . He has been tagged the “Nigeria’s answer to Playboy” while others tag him “Playboy wannabe” showcasing the women, the booze the ambience and the life…what we call living it up. TBlak has demonstrated that sex sell and in this case like hot Amaka.

A business man we might call him, while others might see him as spoilt ,considering the type of country we come from, Sex is sacrosanct and never talked about. He has demonstrated that Nigeria can make a “decent” living doing what they like and in his own case women,sex and booze and he is doing fantastically well. In his late 30s ,he can be said to be the porn king of Nigeria.

Feminist aren’t happy with the way women are debased and have shown their displeasure on the pictures of women “cheapened “. These set of people are looking at this from African cultural perspective. In the words of Amara, a young student ,she said ” I was raised up to know that women don’t do some certain things on public but the first time I came to see this T Blak via Instagram,I got wondering where we got it all wrong in this country “. She queries .


While other Nigerian sees him as a business man on the making and taking after the likes of Playboy in USA and other porn stars that have made it big. They opined that he should be encouraged, as the movie and music industry in Nigeria is doing well, we should also export our porn industry as a brand and branch of Nigeria entertainment. What we must accept is that he is an entrepreneur and he is “employing” people.

Segun Ojo, a banker has this to say ” I don’t see anything wrong with the young man or what he does, he is a business man in the show biz industry. You must showcase your products and that is exactly what he has done “, he concluded.

The young porn king has faced frustration and challenges in his choose line of business. As it is will any endeavors,same with porn. Snapchat recently took down his popular account ‘Kingtblakhoc’ for violation of their terms of service. But he opened another one and in few days got thousands of followers!

In the words of Hassan Sanusi, a reporter ,she has this to say ” Snapchatters are already excited to go follow his new account, which was announced via his new Instagram page that already has over 129,000 followers since November 2016.”

Globally, Porn industry is worth over 3 billion dollars with USA taking the bigger chunk of it. Will King The Blak be Nigeria’s slice of the industry ? Will he change the narrative for good by changing our orientation towards sex? Is he a bad influence? Is he working within the ambits of the law? These are questions that will be answered as time goes. But, as it stands now, ladies and gentlemen, please stand up for the unrivalled Porn King in Nigeria with his girls …King T Blak.



Tony .C.Nwosu


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