Plastic Actors and Actresses Every where – Chima Okereke



I decided to watch top channels on pay TV for hours so as to make inferences on artistic growth as it relates to actors and actresses and it was just disappointing. I saw mostly males and females just being rolling heads, make up line readers and fake accents and plastic movements. How can Nollywood grow with these sets of average actors and actresses as stars? Just tell us how!

While studying for my masters degree in Film studies at University of Ibadan, I watched productions and I saw talents in acting. I dropped tears when I watched one of the undergraduate plays and how 95% of the actors were super and how it will end in just the certificate for most of them.

As an under graduate, I attended NUTASA(where Theatre and Performing Arts departments in universities come with plays) and you see super talents flowing.

Years after graduation, those of us in Nollywood still search for real actors and actresses. Where are those guys and babes that were so good in acting that one declared they would take the industry by storm?

Why is Nollywood plagued with Instagram actors and actresses? Why do we have more of beautiful faces and line readers as actors and actresses? Why? You see them with shoulders high, torturing producers, making directors have head aches, yet there are no internalisation, never convincing, all that is needed is to have a fine face, fine body and ability to cram the lines and baam she/he is an actor/actress, sorry “a star”.

Where are those actresses and actors that were super good in acting during their undergraduate days?

These red carpet actors and actresses(according to Lancelot Imasuen), are too artificial, too plastic to take Nollywood anywhere. They don’t work on any thing, they don’t even know the character they are playing, just cram the script and say it when the director says “action”.
Little wonder, 15 years after the Genevive generation of actors and actresses knocked of the Sandra Achum’s generation off the A list, since Nkem Owoh, Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwor and others took the top spots, which generations have showed real talent and class, to give us hope?
Please where are you super actors and actresses?

Please, where are they?

By Chima Okereke

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