Photos of A Catholic Priest in Northern Nigeria Celebrates Mass In An Open & Harsh Desert


Amidst all the commotions and wars that the islamist of Boko Haram has launched in don’t section of the Northern Nigeria.
This is Church in services in an open desert. Their main building was burnt down by Islamic terrorist called #bokoharam

Now they went far in the bush where few Christians are living. Islamic Terrorist Boko Haram has overrun most of the North Eastern Nigeria….and having been in this fight for years. This has made some of the Christian Churches in the region to reduce their presence. Though the government of Nigeria is trying to restore normalcy.

In this picture The Catholic church priest amidst all the shellings and bullets flying around had the courage to gather the few Christians for the Holy Week mass service. We celebrate the courage of this priest.

This Church And Some Like Them Needs Your Prayers And As Well Your Financial Support.

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