Last two weeks when I heard that the government of Anambra will stop or ban Okada or motorcycle riders in Anambra I thought it was a normal rumour to give obiano bad name and discredit his administration, but on the first of July 2018 it came to pass. Most major roads were quit due to no Okada or motorcycle movements etc.

According to my investigations and phone calls from sources in government house they told me his excellency Dr William obiano is make efforts to make Anambra towns and city look like other modern ones, so therefore they have ordered commuter buses from japan atleast 100 for now and will be given out to those Okada at a subsidized rate etc.In my observation why not give Innoson the contract to bring there own bus manufactured in Anambra Nnewi Nigeria why the import from Japan.

But obiano used Okada riders to campaign for his re-election for the second term in office, to me he could have done it in a way not to make life difficult for Okada riders in Anambra by restricting it to certain areas just like in Aba and other states etc, because Okada or motorcycle has now become part of there TRADITION to move around both in the village or rural areas, you will see parents carry there children to school on motorcycles in fact it helps saves time and money etc, some people has it as there private means of mobility to there destination etc.

Another observations which I have made is that the buses obiano is importing from japan will not move into nooks and crannies in some areas with bad roads but Okada can move in those spoiled roads etc so the buses won’t help matters and not every Okada person can afford it no matter how subsidized the government brings it into town.In another observations those who sell motorcycles parts will be affected negatively including those APPRENTICES who served there master for years and was about to start there own parts business etc.

Some people argue that the ban is good due to pick pockets and arm robbers use it to operate etc but they forgot that the advantages of Okada is twice the disadvantages, in my other observations this is an opportunity for business in transport, you can tap into it by buying keke, taxi, private bus since they are not banned because there will be huge customers and passengers to give your service and start making money before obiano will import his buses which I think will take time and man must chop before then, I wish obiano is reading this.

Emmanuel Chigbonkpa

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