The verve Paycode cardless withdrawals contain 10 to 14 digit code which enables bank account owners to get money from the ATM without naira debit card.

Apart from verve paycode you can also withdraw money from ATM here in Nigeria without debit card especially when you are away without​ your card- don’t worry the process are so easy and straightforward as explained​ on Bestmarketng on how to withdraw from Atm without your debit card

The app features ‘Paycode’, Verve’s latest innovation. Users of the Verve World app can generate a ‘Verve Paycode’, a unique one-time code valid for 24 hours, which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine without a card. The Verve Paycode can be sent to a loved one or friend to withdraw a pre-set amount of money from most ATMs in Nigeria

According to Bestmarketng explanation, 14 of Nigeria’s commercial banks are currently subscribers to Paycode as payment option for their customers. They are as followed:​ GTBank , Fidelity Bank , Heritage Bank,Unity Bank, Union Bank , Access Bank,FCMB UBA,Wema Bank and Zenith Bank.

Banks​ ussd code​ for paycode are:

GTBank *737*13*Amount#
Fidelity Bank *770*8*Amount#
Heritage Bank *322*030*8*Amount#
Unity Bank *322*215*8*Amount#
Union Bank *826*7*Amount#
Access Bank *901*7*Amount#
FCMB *322*214*8*Amount#
UBA *919*8*Amount#
Wema Bank *945*8*Amount#
Zenith Bank *966*8*Amount#

How to perform a verve Paycode Cardless Withdrawals from the ATM

1. Download Verve World app from Playstore, or App Store.
2. Register for free and link your preferred ATM card.
3 Press ‘Enter’ to start.
4 Select ‘Paycode Cashout’.
5 Enter the earlier generated 8-14 digits Paycode from your bank ussd code given above.
6 Enter the 4-digit cash-out PIN.
7. Enter the amount and receive cash.
8 Choose a cashout pin.
9 Select your already-linked ATM card.
10 Enter your card PIN.
11. Click on ‘Get Paycode‘

How To Withdraw from the ATM

Locate your bank ATM machine, press zero “0” on the keypad to be taken to a page that has “Quickteller Cashout” written on it and the machine will give a prompt for the already generated Verve Paycode

Step 2

“ENTER” button on the keypad twice, The key will be self-explanatory as the tag of your selection will include Quickteller.

Select Quickteller option, this section will prompts you to enter the already generated code, then the ATM proceeds to produce the exact amount of cash that was entered when generating the Verve Paycode on the Verve World.

POS payment with Paycode?

1. You will see ‘Card’ and ‘Paycode’ on the POS screen, select Paycode.
2. You will then see two options: ‘Get Cash’ and ‘Pay’, select Pay.
3. Enter Amount.
4. Enter the Paycode. This is done in three ways:
5. You can type it into the POS; use the till QR scanner to scan from phone; OR use the POS contactless/NFC capabilities.
6. You will get a ‘Transaction Successful’ confirmation.. What is the

Please note ; maximum amount for Paycode Cardless Withdrawals is N20,000, while the minimum is N1000.

Hope this article is solve your question?​ your comment and contribution is welcome. also you May like to read:What Bank Consider Before given out loan to Business​ ​

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