I would never forgive her, him or they for what has been done to me/us! I find it difficult to like anything that comes from them or let go! That is what many people say today, but unfortunately that is the past and they unknowingly dwell there and forgetting the future. God doesn’t care about our past once we make amends and Christians are strongly advised not to dwell there – past .

“By this time tomorrow it shall come to past” 2nd Kings Verse 7. God always have a new thing for us. God doesn’t dwell in our past, yes every man has made mistake in the past but the ability to correct that mistake and move on is very important and that is what God is interested in. The book of Isiah 45 vs 19 was clear on this.

God is always and still in the business of giving his children the bright future. Unlike the devil that makes you hate the person that is positioned to help you . Jeremiah 29 verse 11 ” for I know the thought I have towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil , to give you an expected end.”

But for this to come into place, humility is the key. God hates a very proud look! Don’t give your strength to women of you are a man , because in the day of adversity , your strength would fail you!

The past mistake , is what we should learn from but not dwelling on it . The only snag is that most of us don’t learn especially christians.

In Ecclesiastes 3 versus 15, we must understand that there is time for everything. We must understand that we must leave the past and stop dwelling in past but learn from it and move on. Christians must learn how to put things in the past and not going back there.

“Mercy is the medicines for every sickness in our past, be is spiritual, biological , economical or anything…the medicine that cure it’s all is Mercy “, Pst Fred Obetoh

Mercy is like a cloth that covers nakedness and that is why the mercies of God endureth forever. God isn’t interested in remembering the mistakes of your past. What God is interested is in your future , Psalm 78 versus 9. Also the woman that were caught in adultery when they brought her to Jesus Christ, and asked Jesus what what his take on the case of the woman sleeping with a man that isn’t her husband… Jesus Christ demonstrated the highest level of mercy!

Humans are not perfect, we always make mistake and don’t let mistake unmake you. We must always learn from our mistake and move on. It’s only small minded people allow their mistake to make them. Crying over a spilt milk is pointless. Once there is a mastake , we should be able to learn new relearn from the mistake and not dwelling on it. God isn’t 3ven interested in ghag mistake but that contrite heart! He totally understands that we aren’t perfect but we must show contrite and try not to go back to what made us make that mistake

My house was siezed, my property was taken and a lot of things done to me, in past, that doesn’t mean that I have to sulk in these past. I figured out that it is past and dwelling in the past is pointless! By the way in the street parlance ” I get am before isn’t property”

PAST is an acronym P is a
pain, A is attention, S is for steadfastlt, T is to Tomorrow. So it can be looked from a perspective that is different.
As a human you must have gone through some pains, I can’t trust a man that hasn’t gone through any pain. It’s the pain that defines us!

So once that is identifies we must come to the realization that any thing in this life is transient!

Failing is not the issue but the real issue is falling and staying there. Once we as a Christian falter, we must do everything to stand up , don’t wallow in self pity or engaging in pity party.

The past is a training ground and it comes to teach us a lesson and not to lessen us. People would just sulk and say ” if I had a brother and if I had a mother they would assist me that would have been done ” that is a pity party! We shouldn’t sulk and lament over the past!

Isiah 43 versus 25 is clear pointer on this. 2nd Corinthians 3 versus 18 also made a couple of clarifications on this , here we are looking at glory to glory!

We must not focus on what we have lost but what we have left. The book of 2nd King chapter versus 2 told us the story of a widow that has lost her husband and most things but she keyed into Elisha’s blessing with what was left not what was lost.


One thing that christians must come to terms is that God doesn’t need any permission to shower blessings on anyown. He singles anyone out when it is his own time and his ways are not our ways. But christians must learn to key into the mandate of God because we and ask God of bread and he gives us stone!

The need to know God is too imperative that Bible stated that we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Many people do hear the word of God but don’t really respect that, near in mind that God manifestation can come in various forms. You can go to the church and the usher tells you to sit somewhere , don’t even debate that ! Whatever you are in society, your social status or elevation outside, when come to church please, do drop that because God isn’t a respecter of any title or status but appreciate humility.

For you to encounter blessing, you must encounter obedience! This is even applicable to the Ministers of God! Of God called you as a minister, please do head to his instructions, don’t depend on offerings and tithes because if God calls you, Hw would definitely take good care of you! “Those who know the God they serve shall do exploits” so said the Bible!

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