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It is wrong of you to assume that your kids must not have a foretaste of lack and needs you experienced as a child in your formative years. It is wrong of you brainwashing a mindset of ” I had it rough growing up, my kids should not experience the same”. This is obnoxious and insane. It is a wrong legacy you are leaving behind for these Innocent kids.

Few years back, I took my son on a visit to Apapa, Lagos Nigeria. We parked the car at Marina and travelled in a boat to flour mill in Apapa. The stench odor from the lagoon at times is worse than the faeces from the septic tank. We covered our nose throughout the ” voyage”.

Arriving at Apapa, He realized alot of destitutes mostly kids on the connecting stairs and entrances and he asked why they were not in school. He started his first lesson and understanding of the real hardcore of life.

We rode on the bumpy roads of Apapa and also took him to the container terminal where we stood on our feet for several hours in a hot sun. Apparently, He was busy sipping water and at a point asked for cold beverage, but unfortunately though we had the means to buy a pack of orange juice, there was none at sight. Another lesson he learned at that spot that you cannot have all you want even if you do have the means. Listen, I am not suggesting you deny them of the necessities of life but it should be dished with cautions and moderation

My kids commute in tricycles at times, while I have a driver and a trusted cab driver that could pick them up after school hours especially when their mum is unavailable. Interestingly, they come out at times enacting the beautiful experience they had in “Maruwa”, tricycle, on thier way home. You care to know, last week, we walked 4 kilometres home from the school drenched in sweat and still they liked it. We declined offers to a lift as we lost count on kind gestures from parents from the kids school.

I didn’t have it easy, but I worked hard through thick and thin to be where I am today with less supervision from parents and family, to God be the glory. That should be the testimony of our kids. What you impact into them now will definately reduce the bulk of load off you in the nearest future when making crucial decisions of life. Please, note that you cannot be there forever for them. You may think you will live 60 years with them and it is cut short to 30years or less. What becomes of them?

Parents should understand blending reality with facade of riches and comfort when raising kids. Don’t over paint comfort and riches for the kids as if you have never had low times or humble beginning. You are not a super Mario by birth, read my lips.

Teach them to wash with bare hands before introducing washing machines. Let them have the feels of the brooms and mopping sticks before you introduce the vacuum cleaner.

Let me sound a note of warning to you guys, a ward that you refused to train properly will leave you miserable in your old age. Honestly, I hold no respect for what becomes of your miserable life from your carelessness, but for the kids who might not be able to cope when they suddenly realize that life is not a straight course when you are no longer around to support and defend them.

Have you ever paused to think about the cause of collapse of empires once built by some lords of business after their demise? They never had a good succession plans in their kids. While they tilt hard, the wards squander all in the display of affluence. They are caught in the bug of comfort without an inkling of how the wealth is earned. Not all rich men were born with silver spoon. Why do we mislead this wards for heaven’s sake?

Lastly and sadly, what you do not have as a parent you cannot deposit into your ward(s). You need to go through the school of life by lowering your overbloated ego and stabndard in the interest of your wards.

A word is enough for the wise. Good morning and have a good day. #lakunlelaniyi

Lakunle Laniyi

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