How Oworonshoki will emerge Lagos’ new transport hub


The Oworonshoki axis, in Lagos, linking the popular Third Mainland Bridge and the Lagos Island, is to be transformed into transportation, entertainment and tourism hubs.

The transformation of the area is expected to attract new investments in water transportation sector and further boost socio-economic activities in the state.

Lagos, Nigeria’s economic nerve centre has large water bodies, which are currently grossly under-utilised.  But the government is seen stepping up efforts towards integrating the waterways into the state’s public transportation master plan.
Ade Akinsanya, commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, says the Oworonshoki project would see to the reclamation of massive land from the lagoon on which a mega ferry terminal would be built, with shopping malls and related infrastructure provided.

According to Akinsanya, the mega ferry terminal site currently being reclaimed would divert human and vehicular traffic away from the Lagos Island and take advantage of the central location and accessibility to the Oworonshoki, to connect the Apapa port, Ikeja airport and other parts of the state metropolis.

“Youths and residents will enjoy quality sports, recreational, entertainment and emergency response facilities at the terminal. Commuters transiting through the terminal will not only enjoy state-of-the-arts infrastructure, they will also be able to park and ride/cruise from the state-of-the-art jetty, thus reducing the carbon emission level and travel time within the city,” says Akinsanya.

The commissioner adds that about 29.6 hectares of land are to be reclaimed for the project, which would involve revetment work to protect the jetty area, would also eliminate illegal dredging activities in the area.

The project, which would be executed in three phases, is part of the state’s efforts to revitalise and augment inter-modal transportation system and housing development.



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