By Uchenna Makiavelli Stephen

Just like Dom Nik said, “not all IGBOS are IPOB members but most Igbos are sympathetic to IPOB struggle”

Not everyone who supports Kanu and IPOB agrees with election boycott. Infact many of Kanu and IPOB’s supporters who are not IPOB members are not in support of boycott in Anambra. But they didn’t come out to insult Kanu and IPOB.

Many of them kept quiet, and were preparing to go out and vote, possibly Osita chidoka. You don’t have to take my word for it, ask people like Eric Uchenna Chimara , Charles Ogbu and Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Before this Anambra State election, majority of ipob members likiri Osita chidoka, at least the youths among them. And even those who support election boycott didn’t single out any candidate to denigrate. Infact they didn’t even mention any candidate, all they did was campaign for OFE NSALA DAY!

While these things were happening, parties like APGA, APC, PDP are busy campaigning and selling their candidates’ qualities to voters and also telling people why they should vote, but they never insulted IPOB or Kanu.

What did Osita chidoka’s media team do? They put all their energy, time and datas insulting Kanu and IPOB, they never for once tell people what the man plans​ to do for ndi Anambra! Some women among them are so intolerance and spiteful that they will make 20 updates​ and 19 of those updates are just insults to IPOB, Kanu and kanu’s supporters.

While IPOB went to grassroot conversing for election boycott, APGA/PDP/APC was also on ground selling their candidates, but chidoka’s minions are online attacking Kanu and IPOB.

They forgot that almost all the IPOB and Kanu sympathisers are also Osita’s fans! They forgot that those who are kanu’s fans that don’t want to boycott elections are rooting for chidoka. I know 3 guys that decided not to vote because of the attitude of one of chidoka’s online minions. The lady saw campaign money and became STUPID!

Some of them was busy courting none igbos that love mocking igbos and Biafra struggle, sharing updates from none IGBOS who hates Biafra and are mocking Igbos and IPOB yet they said they support Biafra. They suddenly developed special love and bond with those none IGBOS who has always mocked IGBOS and always try to ridicule and bring IGBOS down. Those who are enemies to Biafran struggle became their sugar and honey. They joined them to laugh and mock IPOB,Kanu and his supporters daily. Bunch of brainless bimbos

You go to comment sections you see them acting all “lovey Dovey” with those who hate and despise their own people. They will join in the mockeries and denigration, everytime I see these I just shake my head at the FOOLISHNESS. I wondered if Chidoka ever get feedbacks of how his online minions are fairing at all!

From all the results I have seen so far, only APGA, APC and PDP are being mentioned, I am beginning to wonder if UPP and Chidoka even participated​ in the said election at all bruhhh

I hope someone tells chidoka that his media team(the social media wing) destroyed him and demarketed him. People like me likiri the guy but was irritated by arrogance of some of his media team members, especially the ladies among them. They acted as if they are at war with IPOB, Kanu and his supporters, or they went behind to take money from other politicians just to make sure they destroy Chidoka!

They even made many to start thinking the election was between Osita and IPOB. OSITA VS IPOB/KANU 👊

Because ha receivụrụ small change from Osita, ha rèè ugwu ha, bia here na e feeli na ha n’esuru utara n’elu anụ!

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