Osibanjo: How Uniting the South and Threading Carefully in front of ultimatum is imperative


You don’t go around giving an acting president 10 days ultimatum to do your bidding. That is a travesty and insult to our collective psyche as a people. Well, when a the birds comes out and starts dancing at the footpath, look closely, the drummers might be around. We will be looking closely and must ascertain the drummers of this youths of Northern extraction.

One thing is that Osibanjo is a smart man, we can give that to him and quiet also, people shouldn’t mistake this quietness for aloofness. He isn’t and he has demonstrated that he is a man that knows his onions. Unlike the ultimatum giving Northern youths supported by few. I wonder when these youths have developed the effrontery and audacity to give ultimatum to an acting ! Wonders shall never stop. Do they think Nigeria is their personal estate it do they think that the acting president is their boy that they will order around ? This utterances of theirs and their 10 day ultimatum has reduced them to the role of rubble rousers and no gooders. In a nutshell ,it can be described as the ranting of an ant, apologies to Chuba Okadigbo.

The vice – president, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, had managed to keep a united south. This is the political permits and a smart one . Allegedly, this is strategic,intelligent and also not to ruin his chances of becoming the president should the opportunity present itself. Never forget that the North will always vote along northern line and so Osibanjo knows how important it is to have a consolidated south behind him as he trudges along in this uncertain political atmosphere.

Now, the derelict northern youths are demanding that he, Osibanjo, should go and re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu. A re-arrest of Kanu by Osibanjo would spell his own political doom because he would end up creating an irreconcilable wedge between the south west and the south east that might play out in the National Assembly should there be a need to confirm him as president in case of the unavailability of the president. Osibanjo must tread carefully here. He should not listen to them. They want to drag him into some political mess that may destroy the political antecedents and goodwill he has managed to build so far. They want to create a problematic political atmosphere that would in return ensure their hold on power. I believe Osibanjo is wise enough to know what is best for him and the country.

What baffles me the most is why these group of derelict northern youths have not been invited by the DSS or whatever for questioning over the quit notice given to Ndigbo. And here they are again giving the vice-president an ultimatum to re-arrest Kanu as though they have no respect for him nor for his office. These northern youths are making Osibanjo look so ordinary and I hope the Yoruba nation are taking note of this.







Chidiebere Okere
Edited by Anthony Emeka Nwosu



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