A very daring point of view Ify Asia Chiemeziem on WOMEN’S RIGHT to ORGASM too AT ADVANCED AGE. If you know your subject in a surefooted way, and can prove it on any billboard sky of any clime, go ahead with your re-education program for women, and your own determination in anticipated orgasm when you are between 50 and 70 as you have threatened to.

Too often women are put down in Africa today much more than our forefathers did as evidenced in their allocation of roles which even the She-men of their time and the FEMINISTS of our time would largely not be, and can never be satisfied with. Our forefathers even allowed women even with them in charge, or so they thought, to take charge of virtually all that is on land and in water as HEADS of those DEITIES apart from completely dominating the world of insects where men are totally relegated without advocacy and pressure groups protesting to God to reverse his decision.

Sometimes I also feel that the middle name of women is GREED who would not allow men to merely take charge of the mere physical world which African, western and even Eastern religions agree govern the physical.

Part of this female oppression is why we appear to have more WITCHES than WOMEN in families and in marriages who had to go underground like a guerrilla movement, resisting oppression by every spiritual means available to them. They apply this weapon that is most natural to their spirituality. A weapon men are better advised to pursue a disarmament of with better social justice and EQUIVALENCE if not, and since EQUALITY is not realisable by both sexes biologically, naturally and sometimes, physically.

Chike Ofili

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