This modern test like a plague has destroyed many happy homes and ruined the prospects of good future for many children caught up in its webs. The test has denied many homes the happiness they deserved and ruined their chances of becoming useful and balanced citizens.

There are numerous genuine reasons why many spouses cannot continue their loving relationships into matrimony. The reasons are endless, I will not attempt to indulge into such futility here.
Usually the parting last unions result in many cases of wild oats being planted in others farms. Like the last drink in public drinking houses in drunk drive offenses, they are the ones that cause most presence of wild oats in land lords’ farms. The land lord with wild oats in his farms most probably planted same in others’ farms and may be oblivious of what was done in his farm and what he did in others’ farm too. Now he wants to find out the thoroughness of what he has in his farm, is that not an acute hypocrisy?
As he planted so it was planted by others until the combinations go beyond recognition.

Now, Imagine a situation where all the seeds planted in such combinations were successful. In some of those instances many people violated friends and colleagues estates and sowed these unwelcome seeds.

If a man who is seeking for a DNA test in his home has children outside who are not biologically related to their assumed fathers would he be able to receive his biological children back and send those in his home also back to their real fathers?
No man can take such chances and attempt such. A home is supposed to be an epitome of goodness and happiness and everyone works so hard in life to achieve such status. Many childless couples adopt children or arrange through surrogacy to have kids to achieve that utopia in matrimony.
The presence of children in a home endears it with much goodness, happiness and makes the home a place everyone craved to be at all times especially to decongest from the day’s stressful activities.
Now consider this scenario. A little girl ensured that her dad’s portions of whatever that is shared at home in his absence has a portion reserved for her darling dad at all times. Eventually he dragged her for a paternity test, can he withstand the emotional load of a negative DNA result from such a little daddy’s angel? The happy home he spent his life to build will just disappear in a moment with the sight of such a negative result.
Think about the consequences on the little girl emotionally from ensuing rejection from her loving dad. The dad that represented all she owned in her little sphere of brief moments on this planet. Her future with its happiness and her ability to give happiness and receive happiness from others as it stood destroyed for ever. The destructive impact on the man and his wife would be so numerous that there is no need to recount them here.

What was the man trying to achieve with a DNA test? Absolutely nothing that is worthy. Some people want to ensure that they leave their wealth to their real offsprings. How did they accumulate the wealth in the first instance? Probably though stealing, corruption while holding public offices etc.
Maybe from inherited wealth from unjust benefactors.

The Igbo ethics, cultures, rules and dogmas laid down about paternity issues is the most appropriate. Whatever that is born through your wife or wives who are still under your dowry belongs to you until the dowry is returned. This allowed unlimited love and care from the head of a home to spread like manure to plants to all over the members of that household. It ensures that no man goes out to harvest what he illegally planted on someone else’s farms. Also no one will venture to his farms to harvest illegally planted items.
A barren man can enjoy full fruits of matrimony without being subjected to the heavy emotional loads that goes with such knowledge. The igbo approach is a win-win situation for everyone and can always be achieved without looking back.

Why bother to correct sins committed in your house which you also committed in others’ homes. It is better not to know, after all children are swapped between mothers in maternity homes without the knowledge of their true parents. Just imagine your virgin spouse suffered from such wickedness and was innocent of infidelity all through her matrimonial life. She may committed suicide from a wrong accusation she cannot prove satisfactorily.
Just think about these and leave the unholy DNA paternity tests for unholy people.

Lack of knowledge of not having your bloodlines in your home will never harm you but the knowledge like the forbidden fruit will surely destroy any one. Be wise.

R.C. Ebochue.

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