Welcome to Anambra, The ancient, modern and futuristic River Niger bridge Head , one of the busiest bridge in Africa !


Due to lack of history in the education system and lack of archives…most Nigerian youths can be described as educated ignorant and they shouldn’t be blamed for this but the curriculum that has systematically expunged this from the academic circle. The museums aren’t living it up either. This is Onitsha bridge head during the colonials! The people of the East have come of age .

Most Nigerian cities have come of age and not a flash in a pan cities, one if these cities is Onitsha, a city by the IGBO tribe developed and planned in line with global best practices. Onitsha has given Nigerians more millionaires that evolved from commerce and Industry than any other city in sub Saharan Africa. A city that the Europeans call the jewel of Niger! A city that stood during the inglorious war of 1967 to 1970 and rebuilt . A city that has so expanded that obosi, Nkpor, ogidi are now part of Onitsha , a city that is joining the Asaba the capital of Delta State as one big Igbo mega polis

Onitsha has been around for over a century! The picture depicts the Niger bridge .Anambra state : Head bridge Onitsha 1873. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Onitsha ,the commercial city of Anambra state

The picture of the head bridge then as of now ,the second head bridge is presently been used but the new river Niger bridge is in the offing. The bridge is the link between the Igbo of east and their kinsmen ( Anioma Igbo of the Delta and Edo state ) then linking the Western flank of the country till the Eastern flank.

The bridge not only serve the Igbo ,it serves other tribes of Efiks, Ibibio, Venue minorities , Ogojas, Igala , Igbede and others.

According to sources, Tony Nnamdi said ” The bridge was constructed between 1964-1965 by Dumez a French construction company. ”


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