On Machismo and the future of the family – Francisca Nnanna



This seem to be a global challenge and until we become intentional about raising responsible boys who in turn become responsible men just as we do with the girls we may forever live in a world where majority of the menfolk think they need to be “babied” their entire lifetime.

It begins with moms…

You have a daughter and a son and you think your daughter must look out for her siblings, do house chores, be respectful and submissive no matter what, return home in good time, yield to all manner of pressure especially at home. Yes this is absolutely okay.

But your son deserve to sit in the living room even while you and your daughter prepare his meal, maybe do his laundry too, tidy the house and run off to the market to replenish. Momma you are getting all wrong.

I remember growing up, the boys were always out of the house for the better part, while the girls had short play times as they were always expected back home because they are girls. Can’t think of how often I heard the statement “don’t you know you are a girl”

Now what that does is, we nurture skin and powerful women who can withstand tough times, even when it hurts the most, while on the other hand we have baby men who who believe they forever deserve special treatment forever,feeling entitled all the way. To whose detriment if I may ask?

Please, let’s teach our sons that it’s okay to learn to cook, to wash their clothes and those of their siblings, to clear their tables and wash their dishes, to clean the house as well.

Francisca Nnanna


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