She can be described as one of the sexiest , prettiest and most  versatile! Ladies and Gents, we present Omoni Oboli , very astute thespian , thoroughbred and a mother. Having acted in many Nigerian movies and one of the entertainment exports the country has offer, Omoni has come to be categorised as an A list actress carting awards yet she has the ability to juggle family and career. A lesson many young girls must understand and a reference point how to be pretty even after childbirth.

A mother of three young men known as Tobe, Gozi and Chizi, these men are in their teens! Making the mother an early bird. She started early and faced motherhood ! Unlike today that women would want to keep childbirth forever, Omoni realised what she wanted and faced it straight up! She knew she wanted to be a mother, every woman wants to be a mother anyway but the difference is that some are confused on when to start while others are focused on when to start and Omoni can be classified as those that are focused. She also knows that she wants to be an entertainer, playing in the movie space, she studied it anyway! She faced motherhood and today she has lovely kids with a lovely career ,still looking pretty. This has placed her on the same level with some of the finest divas in the country like Omotola, Genevieve even Mercy.

Omoni has been able to demonstrate that the Nigerian woman can have the best of worlds!  The Nigerian man can be a mother, a career lady and also look great even after childbirth. Childbirth isn’t an excuse to go grumpy and nasty!  Motherhood is a period of fine-tuning and growing with the kids , that is if you have them pretty early. She is a poster child for great motherhood.

Omoni Oboli (born 22 April 1978) is a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, producer and a trained digital filmmaker. She studied at the New York Film Academy, and has written several screenplays such as; Fatal ImaginationBeing Mrs ElliottThe First Lady, and Wives on Strike.

With husband and kids

According to what is written about the actress in Wikipedia, Omoni Oboli set up a charity organization, “The Omoni Oboli Foundation” to use her celebrity status to bring well-needed relief to the plight of the less privileged women and children of Nigerian society.

The foundation has been able to embark on several projects which include the following;The feeding of street children in Lagos.Feeding and giving over two hundred poor and disadvantaged children at Delta Steel Complex, Aladja, a fun day with practical gifts and so many other things including mentorship

Chris Chukwuemeka

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