Omoni Oboli Laments the Demise Of Her Father


She is pretty, she is sexy, she is married and she knows her act well. You can call her a diva or a screen goddess ,she has graced the TV and cinema screens ,she is one of Nigeria’s greatest entertainment exports and she is Omoni Oboli. She is sad presently ! Maybe missing her father ! Just as we all are human she is a human and has feelings. She took to social media to showcase her love and how much she missed her major fan and dad who passed.

As a lady, we know that she is emotional and she has poured this out via her social media page. Hear her

  “I woke up this day exactly one year ago not knowing it will be one of my worst days ever! It’s been a year and I still miss you terribly! My otinkpu, my biggest fan, my greatest cheerleader, gone too soon. I still think sometimes that I will wake up to a call or a message from you.
It’s been tough but I’ve used my grief as as a propeller. I knew that’s what you’ll want me to do. I wrote a book daddy! ´THE STARS ARE AGELESS”

She added that ”  If you could read it, you will see my deepest feelings and my absolute and unconditional love for you. I don’t know if I told you I loved you as much as I do. I hope I communicated that I bear you no grudge for my not so perfect childhood. I wish you could read my book so you can see for yourself 😢 I planned I wasn’t going to cry today…alas… Continue to Rest In Peace Mobility! I lost a gem 💎 #RipMobility”

Married to Nnamdi Oboli, according to Wikipedia, Omoni Oboli (born 22 April 1978) is a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, director, producer and a trained digital filmmaker at the New York Film Academy. She is also a writer, with a number of screenplays to her credit, including Fatal ImaginationBeing Mrs ElliottThe First Lady, and Wives on Strike.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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