About two days ago, Burundi — East African country — received a “gift” of a new presidential palace at “no cost” from the imperial and rampaging China. Seven years ago, same China gifted Africa an African Union headquarters complex at Addis Ababa in East Africa too — a building alleged to have been wiretapped such that sensitive discussions held there are transmitted straight to Beijing. As expected, China denied it. No further investigations were known to be made to be sure if it was true or not.

Djibouti, another East African country, is officially a Chinese territory with almost all of its sovereign economic assets belonging to China to manage. Even the respected Ethiopia is seemingly trying to catch the flu it’s been resisting as it has signed a deal with China to fund its launching of satellite into space in September. The report wrote about the new presidential complex thusly, “with this, China has sealed deal with East Africa”.

Why the highest and most sensitive infrastructural sovereignty of a nation could just be gifted to a nation by another nation like bread given to a child strikes me dumb. Does it mean the black fools ruling Burundi have no basic sense of protection and preservation let alone a sense of history to know that there’s no free gift in (Chinese) ruthless capitalism or to even see what’s happening around them where Chinese are becoming a very dangerous economic menace and market colonialists right in people’s own country homes?

Was Franz Fanon was right calling us “the wretched of the earth”.


Chijioke Ngoili

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