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She would have made a good supermodel if she ever wanted to strut the runway but she wanted corporate world. Instead of endorsing brands, she is behind the scenes creating superb brands like CarParts. An indigenous company based in Lagos that is leveraging on technology to deliver top-notch car/auto  services and parts.  In this interview, Olayinka Alomaja, the PR/brand manager  of CarParts talks about her life, cars and parts. She also tries to balance private life with the corporate world,  eTimes News captures everything 


Congratulations on your recent promotions, so how do you feel as the image maker of this firm?

I  feel elated and I perceive it as a stepping stone to the height of my career path. This position given to me will make me work harder towards the elevation of CarParts as an organization.

Today, searching for genuine parts is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, what are the unique proposition CAR PARTS has to offer Nigerians?

The unique proposition Car Parts has to offer Nigerians is the fact that we have a large and a functioning database for auto parts, whether locally or at an international level with satisfactory customer service. We have dealership across board, ranging from the engine parts to body parts. We even have technicians that will assist in fixing these cars. As of authenticity and originality of the parts, that should not worry anybody.

Another challenge is that of security of online platforms, how secured is your site?

Our site is very secure, we have a highly qualified ICT personnel that ensure the day in day out registration of buyers and vendors are in check. We also have contacts and  information about  our vendors who are trusted suppliers. We have had global recognition and till date, we haven’t had any security breach on our online platform. We try as much to work in tandem with the global best practices.  I can say this with all humility, our site is robust!

What are the various challenges that you encounter daily in this business ?

One of the major challenges encountered daily is getting auto parts to the buyers with responses that it does not fit the actual car which means rejection on parts, as a result of inadequate information provided by the buyer(s) in the process of ordering. So. To curb this, we always seek to be given the correct information about any part we are sending across.

You guys pride yourself like eBay, well what makes you feel that you can wear such a shoe in Nigeria  ?

We can wear the shoe confidently because we are the custodian and harbinger of quality auto parts as one of the largest company selling auto parts in Nigeria. However, our goal is to make part purchase easier online using our database.

A lot of online firms are doing what you are doing. What is the unique thing about CAR PARTS?

Actually, what makes us unique is the fact that we sell customer service as a company, that is, trying to ease auto parts search in Nigeria /Africa as a whole.  Additionally, our success in the silicon valley, DEMO Africa pitch have made us stand out in Africa and getting recognition all over the world.

You do auctions, vendor links et al. How has this been, knowing how informal car parts can be and also considering the low level of  adoption of online platform in the Subsector. How are you tackling this?

Basically, our approach towards the sales of auto parts has been more of a corporate  and formal way using our delivery system.  There is a balance in the sales on-line and off-line. We don’t need to get our hands in the dirt or have engine oil spilled on our outfits. We have the parts in our off-line database, all the customer needs to do is order online and get it delivered to their doorstep.

As a lady, you have contributed immensely to the growth of this firm, unlike the majority of Nigerian women that will wait for a man to come pay their bills or marry them off. What is your advice to Nigerian women?

My advice to Nigerian women is for them to go for what they want, career wise. They should not be limited to the challenges of male predominance in the society. I see women as those who shape the society and also a participant in achieving global development goals. Nigerian women shouldn’t let cultural hindrances stop them from soaring high. We have had spectacular women that made their marks and are making their marks in the global space. These women such as Dora Akunyili, Flora Nwampa, Chimamanda Adiche, Kemi Adeosun and a host of other women should be role models.

How do you balance private life and your corporate life ?

Well private live and corporate lives for me is as though the same,  but I can categorically state that I have been able to bridge a gap between both, although I work most of the time, sometimes even during weekends but personal though. There is always something up, but I always make sure it does not affect my personal responsibilities.

In a few words, can you describe who is Olayinka?

Olayinka is a dedicated, committed and passionate lady . I am a christian and a nature lover, my hobbies are travelling, meeting new people and dancing. Am also an entrepreneur and a model. I love a common phrase “live and lets live, it’s that simple”.  I derive joy when I see people around me living a purpose driven life especially when am a part of the discovery process and their success story.







Actually, what makes us unique is the fact that we sell customer service as a company, that is, trying to ease auto parts search in Nigeria /Africa as a whole.  Additionally, our success in the silicon valley, DEMO Africa pitch have made us stand out in Africa and getting recognition all over the world.

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