My point remains that Okowa is an Anioma man who are Delta – Igbos otherwise called Delta North and is enjoying the slot of Anioma. We must remember that he is not enjoying the turn of Ika or Oshimili or Aniocha or Ndokwa – it is Anioma and all the parts of Anioma were instrumental in ensuring he gets there. Only Ika could not have wrested it from the other parts of Delta state.

I hope Ikas would understand this fact when it is the turn of Oshimili, Ndokwa or Aniocha. I hope Ika would not forget the reason why Ika is there today is bcos of the Igbo political bloc in Delta state called Anioma. I pray that next time it is Anioma turn, some of us in Ika would not start playing funny politics. If it happens, then that is the end of Anioma.

We must also thank our brothers in Delta Central and Delta South who respected the long agreed principle of rotation and delivered their Zones that the brotherliness may continue. I was quite delighted when they came out en masse to vote in our son Ifeanyi Okowa like we have always done for their own Zones. Itsekiri, Ijaw, Urhobo, Isoko – I hail all of una, u guys are great.

Without mincing words, it is necessary to note that according to President Jonathans National Conference, Anioma state has been given priority as the first to be created whenever state creation shall come up. I want to remind us that Agitation for Anioma has been the longest since 1956. It was ably led by the Father of Midwestern Nigeria our Dennis Chikwuedo Osadebay.

Agitation for Anioma state culminated in the Agitation of Midwestern region which was birthed in 1963 by the political sagacity of the NCNC and NPC which are the Northern region and the Eastern region. In that wise, we must keep remembering that the alliance that brought the Midwestern region into existence is Igbo/Hausa – Fulani bcos we are Igbos and the broad Igbo party the NCNC was in alliance with the NPC a party dominated by Hausa – Fulani. We therefore as Ika – Igbos situated in the Mid – region are a bridge between the East and the North and between the East and the West.

May God help us to utilize the opportunity to the glory of Nigeria in particular and mankind in general.

Victor Wilberforce is a critical thinker and social engineer.

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